Presidential Campaign

When I first read this, it was in the midst of twitter wars, battles of words and abusive comments. I could have easily shared my own thoughts of the issue and voiced it in my own words but I think this statement from a few different people, sums it up perfectly. Tell me what you think in the comments below because I could easily go on a rant about it forever but I want you to read it and see how meaningful and truthful it is.


Sometimes, life throws so much at us, both good and bad, that there is hardly any time to sit down and think about ourselves, let alone the 7.5 billion people who we share this world with. It is only at times like this when the atrocities of what a developed nation such as the Americas, capable of achieving through their power of speech, hit our front page headlines. Do we choose to take a peek outside our bubble and stare in awe at the plight that humans have the potential to cause. 

As Britain and America compete for who can make the most radical decision of 2016, we sit, stare, comment and eventually turn our attentions back to our own lives, whilst the rest of the world languishes in that destruction. 

The cause cannot be attributed to a single person alone. Opening our eyes wider will bless us with the privilege of seeing how 2016 has not only seen devastating polling results but also 1,031,092 children being sold as slaves worldwide, Americans spending more on Halloween than the entire world spends on malaria in a year or even how more people worldwide have access to a mobile phone than to a toilet. Do we choose to shun ourselves away from such devastating facts because we deem ourselves too innocent to bear the thought of it or do we claim ourselves to be doing the best we can when we donate money to charity, give our sandwich to a homeless person or attend a talk on Human Rights once in a while and hope that someone else will take care of the rest? 

This is not me criticising anyone for anything because I myself would fall in the latter but, just a gentle reminder that whilst we are very much skeptical of the futures of many a powerful nation, we should remember the countries, populations and individuals who do not have that power, that freedom of speech nor the independence to fend for themselves. Bearing this in mind, we should put our lives into perspective and enjoy every little thing we have been endowed with whilst looking at the bigger picture and ensure that everything we do fulfils a sense of purpose and benefit, not just for ourselves but also for the entire caste of humanity.