Graduation Gift, Shocking Surprises and Christmas Eve!

 It's a strange time to celebrate Christmas but we're trying! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

As I am still classed as a student until January 10th 2021, I was still allowed to return to my mother's address for the Christmas holidays and despite feeling strange, it was lovely. When I got home, I wanted to go round and see family by dropping off Christmas cards at everyone's houses. I couldn't warrant the cost of posting all the Christmas cards and it's nice to be able to wave from a distance at the very least. 

We had some lovely home cooked meals with M+S pizzas, carbonara, fajitas and a roast chicken meal. It’s so nice to not have to cook or clean for a while and the quality of M+S food is just so much nicer! At one of the meals, my mum gave me a somewhat early graduation present and it’s so meaningful and special. I’m going to share a post about it separately tomorrow. 
I had a couple of pyjama days and became obsessed with Virgin River on Netflix. I absolutely loved it! After that, I started watching His Dark Material. I don’t have a television license in Nottingham so hadn’t been able to watch the second season just yet. 

I left the family in the lounge in the evenings, because I just can’t stay in their when they have the television so loud as it gives me a headache. Instead, I’ve spend my nights editing my 2020 rewind vlog. I’ve always wanted to do one and for the last few years, I’ve been writing the blog post but just never seem to have the time to edit the video. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to do it this year and despite everything, it’s brought back some really truly lovely memories. 

Christmas Eve was a day I wanted to make the most of. I ended up waking up ridiculously early, thanks to an awful dream about spiders and I just couldn't get back to sleep. Instead of wasting the morning away, I decided to pamper myself, so I washed my hair, shaved my legs, laser treated them and then got ready for the day with a fun, fresh and festive look. After an early lunch, I decided to paint my nails for possibly the last time in a longggg time. Who knows when I'll next go on holiday! 

Whilst I was getting ready and watching His Dark Materials, Jess was busy getting all the vegetables ready for Christmas Day dinner. By the time my nails were dry, she was done, so instead, I relaxed for the afternoon and then Jess and I got some bits ready for games, before I started to cook tea of fajitas. We even had nachos and brownie for dessert! 

After finishing, we tidied the kitchen, before setting the table for Christmas Day. We decided to switch the sitting area and dining room over so that the table could be extended onto the breakfast bar. Whilst it looks a little strange, social distancing is being advised and this will help spread out people a little more. The table didn't look awful, but not quite the same. I did try something new and made little Christmas tree napkin designs which although not perfect, I thought looked very cute! 

As we rushed the last part, we sat down ready to start Jay's Virtual Quiz - Christmas Eve Special. Sadly, two rounds in, we got an unexpected call from my cousin about my other cousin. Thankfully, an update before bed gave us all some much needed relief as it doesn't seem as serious as originally thought but still not great, however they were still all coming for food the next day which was nice. 

What a 2020!