The Christmas Tag 2020

I've always loved a Christmas TAG (well TAGs in general!) and it's been so long since I last did a proper one. I haven't done a Christmas TAG especially since 2018, so that makes me all the more excited to do this one. I was actually looking at which ones were available because I feel like I've done quite a few, but I was so excited when Grace from GracebyGrace tagged me in this one. You can read her version here, and before I start, I just want to say a huge thank you to Grace for always inspiring me and giving me such food for thought! 


  1. Turn your favourite Christmas music up as you answer these questions.
  2. Grab a drink and/or a snack(or two) while writing.
  3. Thank the blogger who tagged you and link their site.
  4. Answer the 10 original questions.
  5. Answer the questions set by whoever has tagged you.
  6. Ask two questions of your own.
  7. Tag 6 other bloggers to take part.

Original Questions

  1. When do your decorations go up?
    Usually the 1st of December as part of a Christmas tradition, but this year, with everything going on, I put them up a little, I was working a 13 hour shift on the 1st! 

  2. Who is the Scrooge in your family or friendship group?
    Haha hmm...would it be mean if I said my boyfriend? I think my entire family is very pro-Christmas. We all love decorating, being extra and singing lots of Christmas songs 24/7. Out of everyone in my life, Luke's the only one that doesn't sing and he kept telling me to stop buying decorations this year! 

  3. If money were no object where and how would you spend your Christmas?
    Oh gosh. I genuinely love having Christmas at home and love having the entire family over. It would always feel more magical with snow so perhaps I would go somewhere where we could have real snow guaranteed! 

  4. What Christmas film do you HAVE to watch every festive season?
    Elf has been a constant for years, but I actually really like mixing up the films and watching the new ones that are released each year. 

  5. Who do you find the hardest to buy presents for?
    My parents. My dad just buys everything he wants so I never know what to get him, and my mum doesn't ever want anything, even though I want to spoil her. 

  6. Would you buy lots of little presents for a hamper or buy one main big one?
    For a hamper, it's got to be lots of little gifts and then arranged really beautifully. 

  7. What did you leave for Santa when you were little?
    Mince pies, milk and of course, carrots for the reindeers.

  8. Where did you spend the last Christmas?
    I've spend every Christmas with my mum and her family. Before my parents were divorced, it also used to be with my dad's side of the family too, but now just my grandma, mum, step-dad, sister, uncle, aunt and 2 cousins. None of the younger generation partners come...yet! Under normal circumstances, I would spend the week before (until Christmas Eve) at my dad's with my two oldest sisters and families. 

  9. Which Christmas song makes you cringe?
    Hmm...interesting question. Is it awful if I say the Lad Baby ones about Sausage Rolls? I love them and the message behind them. I'm so happy they got their 3rd Christmas number one but I get them stuck in my head and can't stop! 

  10. If you could be a character in a holiday movie which would you be and why?
    Ooo it's got to be The Princess Switch...who doesn't want to be a princess/queen/married to a prince?

Grace's Questions

  1. If you could perform a Christmas miracle, what would it be?
    Oh this one hits home a little harder this year with everything going on but deep down, I only hope for one thing. This year has been the year I've dealt with bereavement care for the first time and I just hope that all the parents who have lost their babies, find peace this Christmas, and know that their babies will forever be apart of my life. 

  2. Your favourite Christmas dessert?
    Yule log! I'm not a fan of the traditional mince pies or Christmas pudding or cake. For me it's chocolate all the way. 

My Questions
These are the questions for my nominees to answer, but I thought I would also answer them too! 

  1. What was the best present you received as a child?
    My best present was my Chou Chou doll, which I named Ella. I still have her and treated her as a real baby for soooo many years. 

  2. What's your favourite part about your Christmas dinner?
    I LOVE pigs in blankets but I'm a Yorkshire girl through and through, so it's got to be Yorkshire puddings!

My Nominees

  1. Lorna from The Sweet Pea: such a versatile blogger and also shares the odd tip about university life which always resonates with me.
  2. Ella from Ella Jade: a blogger who loves photography and one of my favourite posts is her writing about mental health/suicide.
  3. Hayley from Hey Sparkle: oh my gosh...go look at her seasonal food creations!
  4. Shannon from A Life with Ambitions: mental health is such an important topic to me and I love how Shannon shares her personal journey with humour and realism. 
  5. Cat from At Home with Cat: I blame her for my addiction to the new Papergang subscription and I am so glad she's back blogging again. 
  6. Nadia from Miel and Mint: I've always loved following journey's to motherhood and even more so, now that I'm a midwife, so reading about her pregnancy and delivery throughout the pandemic had been inspiring. 

I hope you had fun reading this because I really enjoyed doing it. If you have any more TAGs you guys are doing, I would love to be able to do them too, so make sure to TAG me in it! Once again, merry Christmas everyone!