The Perfect Christmas Challenge!

I love doing a Christmas TAG each year. Last year I did the Sweater Weather TAG which was also fun, the year before was the Traditional Christmas TAG and the year before that I did the Family Christmas TAG.

I recently did The Perfect Christmas Challenge on my Instagram stories courtesy of Melon and Ink on Instagram. I thought I'd share my answers over here too so here goes! 
Would you rather:
  • Quality Streets vs Celebrations easy decision!
  • The Grinch vs The Santa Claus 
  • Egg Nog vs Mulled Wine don't particularly like either but we never have Egg Nog in the house any more
  • Brussel Sprouts vs Pigs in Blankets I love Pigs in Blankets <3 
  • Mince Pies vs Christmas Pudding 
  • Fairy Lights vs Tinsel
  • Gingerbread vs Shortbread
  • Rudolf vs Blitzen how can it be anything else?
  • Love Actually vs The Holiday
Christmas Favourites:
  • Tradition: family meal
  • Song: Silent Night 
  • Food: Yule Log 
  • Board Game: Trivia Pursuits
  • Film: Elf

Do you prefer:

  • On top of your tree: angel, star or fairy 
  • Christmas present: wrapping, giving or receiving
  • Christmas Eve: pub crawl, film night or cocktail party 
  • Christmas Morning: presents, stocking or breakfast (who has breakfast on Christmas morning!?)
  • Christmas Dinner: turkey, stuffing or roast potatoes
  • Christmas Evening: charades, card games or TV specials (but tough decision!)

I nominate the following Instagram accounts:

 You too can take part in The Perfect Christmas Challenge! Simply go check out the tag at @melonandink. Don't forget to tag me if you do and leave a link below!