Farm Shop Brunch, Cambridge and Leicester Square Fun!

After a yummy farm shop cafe brunch with Vicki, Sam and I said goodbye to drive to Cambridge. I stayed over for a night, loved exploring Cambridge and then headed on a train to London to meet a friend at Leicester Square!

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 
I've always loved farm shops and for some reason, at Christmas time, that tends to be where I go a lot. Brunch is always one of my favourite meals and this one was no different. The girls each got a full English breakfast, Sam a vegetarian of course. I went for my usual bacon sandwich but it was way smaller that I anticipated so by the time I finished the first I was still starving so I ended up getting a second as well! 
By the time we got back to Vicki's and finished packing the car, it was time to set off. While the journey started of a little eventful, it was all smooth sailing. We picked up her cousin off first from school, went to her house and then dropped her off at another school in her village, before heading home.

Sam's family is incredibly healthy and I was slightly worried I wouldn't be able to eat anything and Sam offered to stop at McDonald's along the way which was great. In the end, I really enjoyed tea with a meal of pan fried hake, chips and al dente carrots. After tea, we headed upstairs to the playroom and watch The Shape of Water. It was the strangest film but Sam surprisingly liked it, so that's one positive review. I thought it was too weird.
After a lovely sleep on the sofa bed, Sam and I woke up and got ready for the day, had a quick breakfast and then took her cute little dog on a walk. I've always thought of Cambridge as a big city so I was really shocked to have a gorgeous country park and lake to walk around just 2 minutes around the corner.
When we got back, we walked the opposite way for about 20 minutes and was right in the centre of the city. It was incredible. Both Sam and I love Bill's and I've been craving their brunch but unfortunately we just missed it. Instead, we each chose something off the festive menu and even treated ourselves to desserts.
Quite honestly, they were delicious. I chose a chocolate brownie and was slightly worried when I saw the chunks, originally thinking they were nuts, but it turned out they were simply milk chocolate chunks. Sam devoured hers as well. They were so crazy big though. Amazing. I will defintely be getting the brownie again.
On the walk back, we stopped at a couple of little shops and I enjoyed looking at the architecture, as well as getting a little introduction to punting. Here's to doing it next time!

When we got back, we had a little while to chill, as I spoke to Sam's little sister and enjoyed a private dance performance but before long it was time to head to the train station to catch my train to London. The train I got on actually ended up stopping at a stop closer to my cousin's flat so I didn't even have to go to King's Cross and get the tube, meaning I got to her flat super early.

I was expecting to wait until 6pm but there was a slight miscommunication and she finished work late but her boyfriend ended up letting me in a little early anyway. I changed my plans with my friend so that I could wait in for her and after a quick 10 minute chat, I left to head out to Leicester Square.

After arriving at TGIs as planned, there was a one hour wait on a table which I thought was absolutely ridiculous, especially given the fact it was practically empty. Well, obviously we weren't going to wait that long so we ended up going to MOD Pizza instead. After introducing and explaining the place to my friend, we enjoyed our yummy pizza's and relaxed, chatting and updating each other on our lives. We then strolled through the little Christmas Market in Leicester Square.
I thought these little hand carved wooden moose were incredibly cute. I couldn't walk away without buying one so I paid for a very overpriced £10 moose!
We then quickly explored M+M World, got told off for using their plug socket as a charger, and headed to the casino to have some fun. So much fun! It's so nice to meet up with old friends, especially when they make the effort to spend the time with you as well. Can't wait for the next visit!