Desserts, Friend Date and Christmas Eve!

I just about made it back to Coventry safe and sound, headed to the most amazing deserts bar and then headed home. The next day I met up with Hannah, my best childhood friend, and then I celebrated Christmas Eve. 

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 
I had the worst night's sleep on the couch from hell. It was so uncomfortable and despite everyone telling me it was SO comfy, I barely got any sleep. As my cousin and her flatmates left for Christmas I just about managed to sleep through the noise and then I must have muted my alarm because I woke up super late. I had just about 30 minutes to get ready and pack, before having to get the tube. It was not the calm morning I had planned, and I defintely did not have time to stop at Gregg's for a bacon sandwich. 

Nevertheless, I raced through Euston with two minutes spare only to discover the train had been cancelled. Luckily, it was a Saturday and all the trains were classed as off-peak so I could get on the next train which actually got me into Vicki's local station earlier than my original train but I did have to change trains and due to the cancellation (and with it being Christmas weekend), it was crazy busy so I was sat for the first hour and a half. 

Vicki very graciously picked me up from the local station and together we drove to her favourite desserts bar: Delightful Desserts in Kenilworth. 
 I loved all the little quotes they had decorating the walls.
Vicki convinced me to get cookie dough and my expectations were set high with Pizza Hut as the standard....Delightful Desserts seriously has the best cookie dough. It's absolutely amazing, and not too sickly. Oddly, you can taste the texture of the sugar but I quite like the crunchy feel.
We didn't stay for too long before I had to set back off. Vicki drove us back to hers, we chilled for a little bit colouring in adult colouring books, in her room, and then I packed up my car to drive back to the farm.

It wasn't a bad drive but by the time I got home, I had the worst stomach ache, so much so, I didn't even stop for tea on the way back. I was meant to be taking mum to her friend's house but I just felt awful by the end of it so we got into a bit of a fight but I didn't feel safe enough to drive so I wasn't putting anyone as risk.

The next day, I had a lovely long lie in before meeting Hannah up for lunch at The Barn Cafe at the biggest farm shop in Yorkshire, Blacker Hall Farm.
It looked quite busy from the outside but as I drove into the car park, there were quite a few spaces and surprisingly, the cafe wasn't that busy I think people were actually just picking up meat and vegetables for Christmas meal. We both had a lovely lunch and I very much enjoyed my fish goujon sandwich and chips!
 Of course, with it being Hannah and I, we HAD to get a dessert. I went for a simple cookie as I was stuffed, while Hannah jumped on for a lemon drizzle cake. I may have stolen as couple of bites and admittedly, it was scrumptious!
 I love meeting up with Hannah and it's always lovely to hang out together. We both have such busy schedules and while she'll forever be living my dream, I hope she'll appreciate the gift she's been given.
 The next day was Christmas Eve. I had a lovely relaxing day which was much needed given how incredibly busy I've been for pretty much the whole of December. My aunt was throwing a fairly intimate party at her house but we had some yummy food. I then stayed behind and went to midnight mass at church before heading home.
By the time I got home, I was a little heartbroken. Once again, my family had opened all their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, not even waiting until midnight. They'd already gone to sleep by the time I arrived home at 0030 and it once again it meant I was going to open present by myself. Merry Christmas to me...