We Went to Cadbury World + Review!

Due to the weather forecast we had a slight change of plans and decided to have a trip to Cadbury World instead! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
I had a wonderful lie in, in the morning and while the girls headed out in the car to deliver Christmas cards around Vicki's village, I got ready before making breakfast for everyone ready for half past. Well it got to half past and after ringing the girls, they were still a way away, so I left the bacon in the grill for a little while longer but had to get it out to prevent it from burning. I ended up eating mine before everyone else got home and then I made the beds while they ate. Hopefully, it wasn't too cold! 

By the time Vicki and Sam had eaten and got ready, we only just made it out in time. I really wanted to set off earlier but the girls disagreed so we were a little late for our tour arrival time. Unluckily, we got stuck in quite of bit of traffic which was a shame. 
Driving into Cadbury World was crazy. I hadn't realised the chocolate Bournville was named after the village the factory was, and is, located in. It's so crazy to drive through and the whole village is so well designed. Everything into the factory is Cadbury purple and the gates and signs are amazing!
There was no issue with getting into the tour later than planned as it wasn't a guided tour. Before heading inside we each got 2 chocolate bars: a Dairy Milk and a Crunchie Bar. Instead, it's a self-paced path following the journey of chocolate. It begins with models of Africa and it feels more like a museum than anything else. It's very dark and a little

You then go through an almost virtual reality section with figurines playing on loop in a 3D computer, before entering old England and Birmingham to visit the first Cadbury shop and see the 'Chocolate Club'.
Finally, it gets to the fun part. On entering the factory section we got a free Oreo chocolate bar. First of all, you can have a go at tapering the chocolate. I hadn't realised it was important to cool the temperature of melted chocolate down before setting it. Then, we used melted chocolate to write in. Let's be honest, I was defintely the best. Vicki and Sam gradually got better, but I was by far the best and most natural!

There was also a little ride which had an animated journey of a cocoa bean. It wasn't actually informative but more of a cute life option with lots of little fun games.

There was then a showcase showing all the different sculptures made of chocolate and also some glass windows into rooms showing actual Cadbury chocolate being made.
The best part was the free melted chocolate with a choice of 2 options! It was absolutely amazing. So yummy and to die for. I chose marshmellows and crunchie bits.
The final section takes you through some old advertisements of Cadbury chocolate, shows some of there most famous adverts and has a cool electronic section with fun children's activities.
Then of course, like all experiences, there's a shop to buy memorabilia but the best part about the Cadbury shop is that most of the chocolate is a lot cheaper than normal, plus they have a lot of sales on at all times. Sam got a big bag for buy one get one free.
I've heard amazing things about the 4D experience out in the garden and I was so excited to go but the girls decided they didn't want to go. I thought that was a real shame, especially because I was desperate to go but unfortunately, as I wasn't driving, I didn't have much choice. In the end, it didn't really make too much of a different as regardless, we got caught in the traffic anyway.

Overall, I didn't think it was massively overpriced unlike the other girls, and for £12 I actually thought it was quite good. I think it's a real shame, we didn't make it to the experience as I think that may have made all the difference but to be honest, compared to expectations, it defintely was lacking in the amount of free chocolate.
When we got home, we chilled in the lounge for a little while and I admired the Christmas decorations, before Vicki cooked us fajitas for tea. They were super yummy although there wasn't quite enough chicken for me and the wraps were completely stale, which was a shame.
We then headed on a mini pub crawl around Vicki's village. In all honesty, I don't really think it's a village because it's so busy and there are about 10 pubs within walking distance. Sadly, I missed out a couple of super funny video clips as they were on the other's phones, but it was an absolute disaster because where I'd parked was flooded and my foot ended up getting soaked!