What Have I Done This Week!?

Unfortunately, there is no vlog this week and it's just because I've been so busy but not doing anything too interesting. Plus I haven't had quite enough time to put all the clips together. Instead, I thought I'd put together a quick weekly roundup and talk through some of things I've been up to, with pictures! 

I've been busy working at hospital and keeping occupied with not only shift work but also university work as well. In my spare time, I've been organising my room and also packing for the Christmas holidays. I honestly can't begin to explain how much pressure is taken off my shoulders, simply by having a car! 
 Meanwhile, I've also been keeping busy socially. I've had a couple of friend's birthdays to celebrate and then my archery society had a Christmas meal at a local pub. I was unfortunately on shift the day it was on but as it was my last shift with my mentor I didn't really want to change it, and I'd planned on just leaving 2 hours early. It turned out, my mentor was actually sick that day so I didn't have a shift with her after all but never the less, she did nip in the sign the last of my bits and bobs. Thank god!