Christmas in London: Covent Garden, Winter Wonderland and Magic Mike LIVE!

I love London at Christmas. I explored Covent Garden, visited Winter Wonderland and treated myself to Magic Mike LIVE London!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  
I ended up getting a little bit of a late start to the day. I ended up sharing a bed with my cousin as her boyfriend had a bit of a two-man party with video games and drinking games in the lounge. We watched Bridget Jones' Baby before falling asleep, and while I got about 4-5 hours, Emma really struggled. I was awoken at about 6am to full on screaming. Very excessive and a bit ridiculous. At half 6, Emma got a little frustrated and went to tell them off. She tried to get back to sleep before work but couldn't quite manage it. 

I couldn't get back to sleep for a good hour so I ended up finishing the film while Emma got ready for work. By the time she was ready and left, the boys had quieted down and headed to sleep themselves. Somehow I ended up falling back to sleep and didn't wake up for another 4 hours! 

I then woke up, got ready and quietly left the house. I had a look around a local retail park, with ASDA and Next before getting a call from my cousin. She was coming back from work a little early as she wasn't feeling very well. I was just nipping to Gregg's to get some lunch and then heading into central London but as Emma gave me her key, I first let her into the flat, we had lunch together and then I left again. 

First stop, Covent Garden. I absolutely love Covent Garden and I really do try to make the effort to visit each Christmas. It's so pretty and all the decorations are truly gorgeous. 

This year, I loved all the performers. I was waiting for a singer but instead we had some statues, a comedian and a magician. Nevertheless, all very clever.  
Next stop, Winter Wonderland. Since moving to London to attend UCL, I have loved visiting inter Wonderland. It's such a cute, festive market place and it really does put you in a Christmassy mood. Each year it changes ever so slightly and I think the changes this year were really nice. If I hadn't had such a tight schedule I would have defintely stayed for longer. I would have loved to see Peter Pan on Ice, do the Ice Skulpting Class and visit the Circus too. There were so many new additions!

Plus, for once, I absolutely loved all the food. I got some gorgeous fish and chips, switching the chips for skinny fries, and the shop was right opposite a bar with a live singer who was absolutely amazing. 
The only downside was how crazy busy the ice skating ring was. Not only was the viewing platform crowded but the rink was chock full of people, I actually think it was quite scary and a massive safety issue. 
After walking around the outside, I headed back to the flat. I quickly ate something and took my tablets before heading straight off to Magic Mike LIVE. I still can't quite believe I spent £95 on last minute seats but it was something I wanted to see so badly, so I'm really glad I did. I'm posting the full video and review tomorrow so stay tuned for that! 

By the time I got back to the flat, I'd called at KFC for tea and quickly got ready for bed. The original plan was to have the flat to myself as Emma and her flatmates were meant to be driving back to their respective parents for Christmas but as Emma wasn't feeling very well and her boyfriend was probably still over the limit, they decided to postpone until 5am the next day. It didn't matter too much as I still had to sofa as originally planned. I watched a perfectly soppy Christmas film and then headed to bed myself.