Mini London Christmas Market Haul!

As you guys will see in the not so distant future, I have literally just left London with a handful of goodies, after spending a couple of nights and days in the Capital visiting an array of Christmas Markets. I love going to Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Winter Wonderland in December. It really puts me in a Christmassy spirit and I've been at some point in December for the past 5 years now, so it's become somewhat of a tradition.

This year I actually went and bought some little trinkets to bring back with me.

From the mini Leicester Square Christmas Market I bought the cutest hand carved, wooden moose. It was a little bit of a rip off at £10 but nevertheless, I couldn't leave without it so...
At Covent Garden I bought some gorgeous bits and bobs from Paperchase. My favourite by far was this sweet little 2019 Planner. I love the blue sparkles and my favourite thing is that it fits handily into my handbag.
Winter Wonderland was really special this year and I went a little overboard. Not only did I spend a fortune on food a drink with a fish and chips (although I chose the skinny fries option which were delicious!) and bottle of Coke Zero, but I also bought some hand warmers. Somehow the lady selling it, convinced me they were as good as they seemed and I managed to haggle them down to half price so instead of costing £20 for 3, it was £10 for 3 which I thought was a pretty good deal. Each warmer came in it's own bag and the picture shows the difference between wrapped, unwrapped and activ
What have been your favourite Christmas purchases this year?