Magic Mike LIVE in London (Review)

I can't believe I went to see Magic Mike LIVE in London! Please note, this review includes some spoilers.

Click here for the video or watch below. 

The way they have set up the Magic Mike show is really beautiful. The show has it's own entrance so you don't have to go through the casino itself. Outside there is a red carpet with security, and then you walk up a gold staircase before meeting bag check in. The scan each item, text you the labelled numbers and take a picture of you so you can easily get them back at the end of the show. It's so clever and very simple. 

As you walk around to the show entrance, there is a bar and a ticket checker and then one of the staff members takes you to your seat. You really are made to feel very special. Unfortunately, there was someone in my seat and I didn't have the nerve to ask them to move as the usher said it was my choice. 

Also, as you get seated, you get asked by a bartender if you want any drinks which they serve to you at your seat. This table service continues throughout the show which is good for those that want to drink but it's also very annoying as bartenders are walking in front of you throughout the show which is somewhat annoying and gets very frustrating after a while. 
The show begins with a very camp speaker introducing the boys in the exact way I imagined. Dressed up as The Weather Men, it kick starts the show and sets the pace. The firefighter quickly selects a woman from the audience who looks completely in shock when her rudely sprays silly string. Channing Tatum's voice over comes into play as the audience quickly realises she's a part of the show. Not only that, but she becomes the centre of the show and in my opinion, is in it far too much. At one point, there's a whole song dedicated to her which easily could have included more audience interaction.
 I love that throughout the show there is a man for everyone and that idea is quickly introduced, through the 'unicorn' aka Channing Tatum.
 Let's be isn't always  a naked body that is the most attractive. I love a musician and a man in a suit. Luckily, Magic Mike LIVE has something for every woman and there is even a sequence in the show that prides itself on just that. But of course, there is still a lot of topless men involved (yes!) - although not as much as you originally anticipate - and one act even get's his pants off!
 My favourite dance by far, and the one I was most looking forward to, was the dance with the woman under the shower. It was hot. It was sexy. It was clean. It was everything I wanted in the dance, except the introduction. At multiple times throughout the show, they pretended they were going to pick a member of the audience and instead they went for someone who was part of the show. I would have much rather known this with an announcement as I think the 'lie' made the show more of a comedy sketch which actually made it quite gimmicky unfortunately.
I thought that the show as a whole was quite interactive and they really do try to make all of the audience feel appreciated. With specific acts selected for stage participation as well, it's safe to say, there isn't a bad seat in the building. I originally picked the sofa at the back of the ground floor so that I wouldn't get any action but I did in fact get a very shocking lap dance. The front tables are more exclusive and you feel very much involved, whereas the seats further back mean you can see the full show as there are also floor performed further back. Having said that, I actually think the better seats are on the balcony. I'd originally thought it wasn't a good idea but in reality, they have a great birds eye view of the whole stage, plus there are further dancers on the upper floor which I really struggled to see, and they put dancers upstairs for lap dances as well.
Of course, they throw in some pretty unique sequences as well. Alongside the shower dance, there is also an acrobatic dance which a woman helps strip him of his clothes. I didn't quite get it so it wasn't my favourite but it was defintely clever.
 Overall, I did enjoy the show and I would defintely go back but it is massively overpriced, I thought the comedy let it down and I didn't enjoy the story being told by the leading woman as I think there was much to big a focus on it. However, the dancing was amazing, the show was very clean, the men are all incredible and it's Magic Mike!