Life Itself (Review)

I was recently invited to the premiere of Life Itself at the cinema and a free film, how can I refuse...especially with singular reclining seating. 

Click here to watch the trailer or see below. 
The films centres around multiple couples over numerous generations, and how they are all connected by a single event. It's similar to Love Actually, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day except it has a much more deeper meaning and more complex characters. Plus, instead of being friends that interlink it's set in different time periods, following the same family. It's also bilingual with some speech having text for the English viewers. 
It starts with a man in a psychiatrist office who tells a story but it ends up being very real and instead of madness, he in fact has lost the love of his life and is deeply depressed, heartbroken and in my opinion, has PTSD. It's there his story ends, with their daughter being raised by her grandparents.
Meanwhile, in Spain a promoted worker falls in love with a waitress and the two end up living in an all expenses paid villa. Alas, life doesn't run smoothly and the rich owner tears the two apart, their son left to be raised by the adoptive grandfather. 
This film was originally produced by Amazon Studios as a Sky Original but with the hopes of making it to the big screen. Unfortunately, given the massive disappointment from opening showings, it's turned into the latest television film to have tried and failed, with one of the biggest budgets.
Both exploring new environments and rebelling in their youth. The two families come together to create a family of their own, with stories to tell of their heritage.
As much as I love the premise of the story, watching it I found it to be incredibly slow, boring and difficult to understand. It all finally came together at the end but it's not something I would particularly want to watch again.