Christmas Decor Haul 2020!

I haven't done a decor haul for a while...I lie! I feel like all my posts recently have been home posts but that's what happens when you move homes! Don't worry though, this week is officially my last week and after this we have some more variety back to the post. To finish, I'm showing my Christmas decor! I'm so excited and can't wait to go through them all. I haven't gone overboard but I absolutely love the little pieces I've purchased and some older items. 

Let's start with my favourite purchase from this year...gnomes! I've been following Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch for the past few months and there obsession with gnomes has rubbed off on me. I wanted something pink and grey to go in my bedroom and this trio was just perfect! 

These snowflakes were knitted for me by an old friend from high school. We don't see each other very often, but we've stay in touch so I reached out when I saw her making these. The colours went perfectly in my lounge

My three big purchases were my tree, wreath and garland. I really wanted a garland and wreath...I just always have. I also, of course wanted a tree. I actually bought the wreath and garland first. I went searching on Amazon and thought these looked perfect. I liked the snow and pinecones, as extra decorations. I like the simple look at the moment, but maybe in a few years time, I'll switch it up and add in some baubles as well. I was shocked when the tree I wanted at Sainsbury's matched perfectly. It was meant to be! 
Of course, I needed some baubles to go with it and went for gold/white/blue/silver from Amazon again. Likewise, I wanted a gorgeous gold star. I grew up in an angel house but felt this star was the perfect topper this year. Christmas needs tinsel, so I got some new blue tinsel that is lovely quality from Amazon and then the other two bits I had from BNM a couple years ago but it's very thin and short so particularly wouldn't recommend. 
Onto some of the bits I already had, and therefore, can't really link them anymore. This little hand carved wooden moose was bought from Winter Wonderland. I'm devastated that it isn't happening this year, but sadly it understandably can't. I still think it's cute!
I got this H and angel for a Christmas present in the past. They're both tree decorations but I won't be using them for that. 
I love my little reindeers I got from Aldi last year. I thought they were so cute and stored away nicely.
The last few bits are hanging decorations and a sign. I've collected these from little shops, with the last two from Treatbox a few years ago. I love it!

Finally, an advent calendar. I ended up getting a Lindtt one this year, like last year, because I had a £5 voucher to spend by the end of the year! 

You can see how I ended up decorating on Friday here! Which is your favourite piece? I love the kitted snowflakes, but the gnomes are so special!