What I got for Christmas 2020!

Although Christmas isn't normal this year, I still got spoilt beyond measure. I can honestly say that this year, I loved all my presents. There isn't a single gift I didn't love or cherish. As always, I am so thankful to everyone who bought me gifts and presents. I get asked every year where to buy them, so I have tried to put Amazon links to as many items as possible on this post as well, or at least similar items. I've already shared my favourite 2020 Christmas present and boyfriend/girlfriend gifts
As is now tradition, I always get a special Christmas gift. I'd actually asked for a gingerbread house decorating kit to do prior to Christmas but I wasn't expecting one quite this big! The baking kit she also got me was a brownie skillet. 
From my mum, I got some new pyjamas. Whilst from Luke's mum and sister, I got some socks, with Ralph Lauren and cosy cupcake version, and from his grandparents, a gorgeous cashmere scarf
Of course, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without chocolate and this year I didn't get loads, but I got the special and traditional ones with Snow Balls, Lindt Chocolate Bear and a Terry's Chocolate Orange. I also got some Little Robins which I am yet to try, some Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, and a Lindt Selection Box
With moving into a new house, new house goodies are a bit of a theme. A calendar and baking goodies were from my boyfriend, with my mum getting me lots of soap and my dad getting me a doorbell which I asked for!

From one of my oldest sisters, I got this gorgeous white vase which will go perfectly in my bedroom. Everyone knows my favourite colour is purple and she also sent some purple/pink fake flowers to pair with it. 
The purple theme continued with a water bottle and face mask. I also got a gorgeous lush set and the very apt gift of hand sanitiser. 
I've already shared all about my necklace but my mum also got me a Jojo Jewelery Adventurine bracelet because I love to travel, and Luke got me the Pandora charm as mentioned last week. I think they're all beautiful and I love how the new bracelet will be perfect for daily wear.
The last two are somewhat miscellaneous so I thought I would pair them together. I got a foldable holdall bag which I think will be amazing for travelling. It's such a clever idea and I can't wait to use it. I actually saw this company a couple of years ago, at a garden centre with my dad, and I really wanted to get myself the backpack version! My mum also got this little pocket sized Gemini book as a stocking stuffer. 
I hope you all got some lovely gifts and if you also got money, this post might inspire you on what to treat yourself to. You can also see all my other Christmas hauls from previous years, but I don't know what happened to 2016: 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2015