January 2020 Round Up!

I'm starting a new tradition this year of doing monthly round up posts. I thought that with everything going on it would be a nice way to remember the month, share some favourites and inspire others with things I have been enjoying. Let's start with January! 

Book: Christmas Shopaholic is the latest edition to the Shopaholic series. I started this series with the Shopaholic and Baby book, in Year 6 and my teacher questioned my capability. I've been addicted to the series ever since and I loved the festiveness of this edition. 

Film: Midnight at the Magnolia was another timely movie, this time from Boxing Day to the New Year and it was a perfect romance reminder, especially as I was missing my own lover over the holidays. 

TV Show: Bridgerton had to have a mention here. I was originally watching it with my mum but she was only able to watch one episode a day and I was quickly obsessed. I’m actually going to do a post next month of the shows I’ve been enjoying because there have because there have been quite a few! 

Podcast: What the Midwife Said is an amazing midwifery podcast by the wonderful Leah Hazard, who wrote Hard Pushed and I've loved listening to it this month, as I prepare for a career in midwifery. She inspires me to share midwifery content with the world and to remember the reason I'm passionate about the subject. 

Blogger: Life with the Hazelwoods is someone who I talk to regularly on Twitter and I've loved sharing conversations with her over 2020. As I mentioned recently, I've enjoyed getting back into reading other people's blogs over the past few weeks and watching her adventures with her little boy is lovely. 

YouTuber: I found myself catching up and binge watching OKBaby, falling in love with them all over again. The couple, Oscar and Kyra, are my age but have 2 homes, 4 children and are engaged. You might say I'm jealous, but I've loved watching them grow up over the last 4 plus years and seeing the responsibility changes they've made recently has been truly remarkable. 

Personal Blog Post: my personal favourite blog post from this month has to be the Never Have I Ever - Student Midwife Edition! It probably shouldn't, especially as it took the least amount of time, but it was so much fun to share and nice to know other's feel likewise. I hope it resonates with others. 

Personal Vlog: this one was somewhat easy, I love Christmas but after the time and energy it took, it's got to be the one with all the memories, my rewind vlog

Personal Memory: my belated midnight NYE kiss with Luke. 

Summary: this month has been all about staying at home a binge watching television because I'm in lockdown, as well as stepping into the NHS as I start my new job! 

Inspiring: my main mentor from my third year labour suite placement was absolutely lovely and gave me a small token of good luck upon qualifying. It's a little key ring and I think it's a really lovely reminder of why I do what I do, something that I will always hold near and remind myself about: "May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are, and the difference you make". 

Frightening: starting a job as a band 3 was defintely daunting; it was the first time I've ever had a paying job, I was the only newly qualified starting at this hospital that I knew, and I didn't want to do anything wrong or outside my scope of practice whilst I waited for my pin number to come through. It was genuinely really daunting. 

Next Month: I am most excited about no longer bein supernumerary, watching some great tv and getting some protection for Covid-19 as it will be two weeks since my first vaccine!

What have you been enjoying? Share your own recommendations below! I'm especially looking for new television shows to watch.