2020 Reflections!

Who would have thought at the start of 2020 that this is where we would be. Certainly not me. Until February, I hadn't even really heard about Covid-19 and I certainly never expected it to have the impact that it did on the entire world, but especially our country. I made my 2020 New Year Resolutions with high hopes and huge expectations and whilst I am sure I have accomplished some, as I know I was already on track for my half way through accountability check, I think we all need to be kind to ourselves this year and accept that a lot of the failures, so to speak, may have been out of control. Just like in 2019, it's time to reflect on those achievements, no matter how big or small. 


Reading back my 2020 resolutions, actually brought a tear to my eye. The way the post reads, almost seems to predict what we had in store for us. This year was all about intention. I wanted to focus on the now, the present, and really enjoy it. I defintely feel like I took that with me throughout the year and made the most of even the smallest celebrations, with joy and positivity at the focus. Unknowingly, I strongly believe I always lived in the moment. I made the most of each hug and comfort I found, I really appreciated family and friends and I made more of an effort to stay in contact with loved ones. 

Likewise, each week I really have pampered myself! I've never been a girly girl but I think I'm slowly working my way up. This year I've done face masks, face scrubs, hair masks, eye masks...and most of all, I've made the most of no placement weeks, with painting my nails fortnightly over lockdown. On somewhat of the same wavelength, I found it difficult to be motivated for Hannah's Lips UK at the start of the year, but with renewed energy, I've relaunched both my website and my VIP Customer Group so here's to not giving up on my business. 

Whilst I'm still awaiting official confirmation, according to all my marks and assessments, I have safely secured both a first in Midwifery and not one, but two jobs. I'm so unbelievably happy about that. My undergraduate studies may be over, but my midwifery journey has only just begun. 

Somewhere in the Middle 

My budget is a bit touch and go. I really thought I had it nailed and then I moved into my own house, as a student, which was unfurnished. As a result, I got a little overbudget on certain items, but realistically in the long run, it will all work out. I have set up separate accounts for savings, future house deposit and other items so it's working, but it will be a lot easier when I have an income, instead of termly grants from student finance. 

Yes, I genuinely feel so much happier this year, but I am far from healthier. For the majority of the year, I've sat on my bed working online, or I've binge watched Netflix box sets. I've also not gone to the gym since February or do much of any exercise since lockdown. Having said that, I now go on a long walk once a week and when I lived in Wales that was even more frequent. 


The learning to ice skate goal was a huge fail, but like I said something out of my control. The first couple months of the year were hectic and I was constantly busy. When I was going, everything went into lockdown and whilst things have slowly reopened under new guidelines, I personally haven't been ready to go back to normality on a societal level. I think the priorities have also shifted. I originally made that goal to made my boyfriend happy, and of course, I still do but I want to do things to make myself happy to. Luke loves me for who I am and he doesn't need me to be able to ice skate for that. 

Travelling was of course not an option in the grand scheme of things and who knows if it will be possible this year. It's always something I want to do, so not being allowed has been really sad. Of course, I spent half the year in Wales, living with my dad, which is somewhat abroad, but not quite. I did make loose plans at the start of the year to travel around Australia for a month - this month! - but stopped looking forward to it pretty quickly when everything went downhill. 

Overall, I think I've made some great achievements and for the others that are out of my control, I don't look at them as failures, but as things that switched priorities on the list. As other things became more important, like simply being able to see family, ice skating doesn't really mean the same thing anymore. What did you make of this year?