Relationship Difficulties and Reconnecting

With lockdown 3.0 well and truly here, my partner has actually semi-moved in with me for the next 6 weeks whilst we are in lockdown. Spending more time together has been lovely but it's not easy. I live alone and therefore my support bubble is him and his parents house, although I don't have contact with anyone but him. As such, he's obviously the only person I can really see and it's hard to be so reliant on someone for all of your social in-person interaction. 

I think it's normal in these circumstances to have relationship difficulties, because with constantly being on top of each other, without time apart, it can be hard. We have defintely be bickering a lot more than usual and let's face it, it's not fun. That's not how I want my relationship to be and so I'm putting measures in place to help us reconnect and be closer. They're only small, little steps, but I'm hoping it will make us remember why we're together, starting with 2 small aspects. 

The first is having a proper date night at least once a week. I want us to dress up, order a takeaway and spend quality time together talking, without having the television on in the background. I did this with my family in the first lockdown and it was a really nice way to celebrate small moments, bringing a little piece of normality, despite everything. 

The other is something I've seen families do over the years and I've always thought it was lovely, especially with younger children. Usually done around the dinner table, I've decided to do it in bed whilst cuddling at the end of the day, to allow us time to reflect together. I want us to ask each other three simple questions before going to bed:

  1. What was your favourite part of the day? 
  2. What was your least favourite part of the day?
  3. What are you most looking forward to tomorrow?

I have a couple more "activities", so to speak, planned to help us continue to have a positive relationship, but I would love to hear your advice and any tips you've learnt over this pandemic. Leave suggestions in the comments below!