Boxing Day Sale Haul!

It's been a while since I posted a shopping haul, but let's face it, I haven't really been shopping to be honest. When I went into town a few weeks ago, I decided to buy a few bits and bobs, spend some Christmas money and vouchers and make the most of the Boxing Day sales, as well as the - sadly - closing down sale. 

First of all, I went to Waterstones and spent my voucher. I ended up buying the Mrs Hinch Memoir, Sophie Kinsella's Christmas Shopaholic and a new healthcare professional book which is a sequel to The Prison Doctor, but based around women only instead, with Women Inside

At Boots, I bought my favourite Olay Sensitive Skin Daytime Moisturiser and a new No. 7 powder blush. Both have been my go-to for years and they are pretty much the only products I use that aren't Senegence. I'm not going to lie, it's nice to go into a store and see things in person, buying them right there and then, but adding all the Amazon links to this post has made me really quite depressed! The prices on almost everything is about half of that which I paid in the shop, especially with the books. Waterstones have also updated their loyalty card since the last time I went in, which meant I lost my old points and also my stamps; I had 6 out of 10 to get me my free £10 and they wouldn't let me transfer it! I know it's so sad that shops are going bankrupt and closing, but quite honestly, for me at least, I find it so much more convenient, accessible and affordable to buy online for the vast majority of things. It's just easier!

I also went to Debenhams and Dorothy Perkins, where they both had advertised huge sales. I am genuinely so sad to see them both go, and I really wanted to look around Debenhams especially but it was extremely crowded and quite unpleasant. Dorothy Perkins is my all time favourite clothing shop. If you know me, see me, or have read any of my haul posts, you'll find the majority of my clothing is genuinely from Dorothy Perkins. I've worn their jeans for years and maybe 12+! After my jeans ripped, I really wanted to get a few more pairs and when I went in, they were completely out of stock of all the colours in my size. I ended up heading online and the two shades that I wanted were also out of stock on there. My heart dropped and I somewhat had to settle for the only other denim shade, but I also purchased a few more items whilst I was there. Side note, the majority of the Dorothy Perkins items reduced by half since I purchased too...bad timing!

The jeans I know and love are the Eden Jeggings. I prefer the traditional denim look but ended up having to purchase the "Indigo" shade, which is much darker, brighter and vibrant. I'll be so sad if Dorothy Perkins goes completely because I've worn these jeans for 10 years plus! 

I then bought some dresses. Both were flowy maxi dresses, super comfy but more on the formal side. Whilst I wanted to love both of them, I found the Black Multi Spot Print Shirred Smock Dress didn't suit me, so this was sadly returned. I really liked the bell sleeves and the dress from the back, but from the front it did not suit. With the material of the Camel Spot Print Sheered Midi Dress being very thin I didn't love it initially, but it was so comfy, really pretty on and I thought it would be great for the summer. 

I also treated myself to some new coats as both of mine are getting a little old and damaged. So I went with the Mushroom Luxe Parka JacketBlack Long Fur Neck Jacket and Navy Short Padded Coat. I've always gone for black but really wanted to switch up the colour scheme. I ended up really liking them all, but the mushroom shaded one was a little too big so I decided to keep just the navy and black. Although similar colours to my existing ones, they were different colours and lengths respectively. i loved the black coat, especially with the belt detail at the waist line.  

Finally, I bought some tops. I got the Berry Red Organic Cotton Scoop Neck Ribbed Top to go with some skirts I own. I don't really like tight tops, but I'm hoping to get more confident with my body throughout the year, and I think with high waisted skirts, I will actually enjoy wearing it. 

I also got the Khaki Soft Touch Tunic, which I was most sceptical about but it ended up being my all time favourite. It really is so soft and cosy and it's a really flattering shape on my figure. 

To round off, I added a bit of glam for more of an evening outfit, with the Pink Sequin Tiered Top. As with most of these types of materials, it's a little scratchy underneath the arm, but I loved the look. Unfortunately, it was really tight underneath my arms and got caught in my hair, taking it on and off, so this one was returned. 

My last purchase in the sale was from Cox & Cox, and was actually an early Mother's Day present for my mum, although I'm very jealous and will defintely be purchasing for myself when I have a bigger house. It's yet to be taken out of the box for obvious reasons, but it's an absolutely beautiful 6 Boot Rack, which also comes in a style for 4. The website has some lovely pieces, and I plan to make the most out of it in the future, especially when I do my garden this year. If you use this link, you can get £20 off anything on the website. 

I think it was a pretty successful Boxing Day Sale Haul in the end. There were a few other pieces I was looking at but I decided to hold off in the end, in the hopes of maybe Valentines, anniversary or birthday presents *cough cough* Stackers. I was thinking of the last time I did a Boxing Day Sale Haul and it was in 2017! The bras I bought then, are the ones I still wear everyday.