Spacemasks (Review)

I haven't down a true, pure and simple review of a product for a while and so I thought it was about time I did one again. It's actually a gift I got for Christmas back in 2018 but I've only just finished using all of them and so I thought, why not do a detailed review of it.

Spacemasks are self-heating eye masks that you wear at night prior to going to sleep. Supposedly, they will "transport you to another dimension", hence the clever name. They also aim to relieve tiredness and eye strain.

To be honest, when I first got this, I was a little taken a back. I didn't think they would be that amazing and so I thought it was a waste of money. Whilst I still think they are expensive for what they are, I have really enjoyed using them and will repurchase them to use as a special treat in the future. 

When I used the first one, I found the straps behind by ears were really infuriating. Whilst the mask isn't tight, the feel of something behind my ears or restricting me, wasn't something I enjoyed. Since wearing masks for up to 13 hours at work, I think I've got used to the feel and so it doesn't bother me anymore. In fact, I find them quite comfortable, as is the actually mask, with the inside layer being very soft. 

I've used them on days that I feel stressed or days in which I have a headache. The heat mixed with the scent really does relax you; you to take a moment of peace, without distractions. I found it a really nice way to destress and reflect on the day. It also forces you to be away from technology. Usually when I'm lying in bed I'll be on my phone with bright screens, which doesn't help with the headaches, so it's perfect to help fall asleep. 

I actually loved the heat aspect. I found it added all the more. The heat also lasts a really long time. Even though the packets say 15 minutes, I would say it's at least two hours. But when I've woken up in the middle of the night, it's still warm to the touch. It also doesn't take very long to heat up at all, literally seconds, so they are ready to use on demand. 

Overall, I still think they're overpriced and wasteful as they are single use, but they're comfortable, force relaxation and are the best thing to cure my headaches, that I've found.