Christmas Snow, NYE In and Lockdown 3.0!

We got a belated White Christmas, officially said goodbye to 2020 and hello to a new year, and lockdown 3.0 commenced. 

Click here to see the vlog or watch below. 

Although it didn't quite reach us in time for Christmas, we did get a thin covering of snow which was lovely to wake up to. It even stuck around for a while, although there wasn't quite enough to play with. 

The same day, I completely burnt my foot. We have an electric heater and I accidently pushed against it as I was passing. It was barely on for a second because I jumped away so fast, but the grill left marks on my foot. It didn't hurt for the first few hours, but it blistered quite badly and by the evening it was very tender. 

I then spent a few days chilling. It was freezing, there wasn't much to do and I had a constant headache. I binge watched Bridgerton, and watched both The Witches and another movie I can't remember the name of. I loved Bridgerton and really hope there will be a new season. 

I also started to get ahead of myself. I finished editing the Christmas vlog, wrote most of my blog posts for January and caught up on most of my YouTube subscriptions. The goal was to do it all my the New Year, and I literally finished on New Year's Eve. It felt amazing! 

New Year's Eve was a quiet event after the new tier 4 announcements. I actually thought we were in tier 4, but turns out we weren't. Nevertheless, we had a small household party with a buffet spread of food,  a quiz, poker and then watched the incredible London firework display. My favourite part was actually the lasers, commentary and drone light show. I 100% think firework displays should be converted to reduce emissions. 

The new year officially arrived and we spent the first day in pyjamas chilling. What could be better? We watched the Goodbye 2020 film on Netflix together and relaxed. I also finished my 2020 rewind video which will also help to celebrate a very special milestone on this blog and I decided to do a January challenge because why not! 

On the 2nd, mum and I headed to Nottingham. Whilst it's not advised to travel outside of your tier, it was actually legal for us to do so as I am currently classed as a student and as a single occupancy household, my mother is actually my support bubble at the moment. We went to take down all the Christmas decorations and did a big New Year clean whilst we were there. I didn't realise how many decorations I had until I packed them altogether, and I was genuinely surprised at how difficult it was to pack away an artificial tree. I set up Luke's little Christmas present corner from my family and also changed the sign to a new phrase, before we headed back to Wakefield in the middle of a snow blizzard. To be honest, we were only there for about 3 horus and we had a lovely Barburrito lunch takeaway, so it was defintely worth it. 

I didn't feel very well for a few days with constant headaches and so after 3 days in bed, it was back to work. I woke up not very refreshed, but forced myself to get up and wash my hair to shower. I headed to the supermarket to do a grocery shop for the week, as I head back to Nottingham. With lockdown 3.0 starting, I think people are panic buying again sadly, as there already wasn't much left. When I got back, I changed the bedding and tried on my latest purchases from Dorothy Perkins, before doing a final wash and packing. 

Finally the time came to say goodbye to the family in Wakefield. Sadly, I had to return back to Nottingham and as we are now officially in lockdown 3.0, with my time as a student coming to an end, I won't be allowed before it's over. Who knows when that will be, but I'm hoping March! I went to say goodbye to grandma and ended up staying for a lot longer than I anticipated but it was lovely. 
First evening back in Nottingham was productive. I went to Sainsbury's and picked up some groceries, before heading to Dunelm, before heading back to the house. For tea it was leftovers and unpacking, and then the next day, I had a lovely day, starting with an early morning meeting, a post office trip and the last of the television.
I also got a surprise little package from the team at the TOTEMM Project, with some tea, chocolates, Christmas clip and post its. It was a lovely little surprise to have on my return from the post office.