My One Thousandth Post!

It's a little bit of a different Sunday post from me today. It's not a weekly round up, or a vlog, but I celebration. I'm sure you can see from the title but I genuinely can't believe I'm sat here thinking about sharing my one thousandth post. I don't feel like I've been writing this blog - and others! - for almost 7 years. When I first began, somewhat out of boredom waiting to start university for the first time, it was because I had almost finished A Levels and was looking at something else to fill my time with. 

I've always done YouTube alongside the vlog and in actual fact, I did YouTube first, by recording and sharing little clips, and given it's the start of the year and I am well and truly overdue a new, updated trailer for the channel, I decided what could be a better time than my 1000th post. Make sure you go and check it out on my YouTube channel. I was tempted to do a highlight real of the entire 7 years but to be honest 2020 took me long enough, and I've always wanted to share a yearly rewind video so perhaps this will be the start of a new tradition! 

I know deep down I will never be rich and famous, but for me, this platform has never been about that. It's been a labour of love, a passion project and a hobby on the side. It's been something I've done for myself and to try to help others. It's been about creating "a little corner of safety in this scary world we call home; a place of happiness, vulnerability and self-love." 

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared a post, commented and read. Thank you for all your support. Enjoy!