Updated Content Schedule

It's a new month and after last month's successful completion of my January challenge, where I posted every day, I thought I'd give a little update of what my blogging schedule will be going forward. I am so proud that I continued to produce quality content throughout January, especially with everything going on in the nation, with lockdown 3.0, starting a new job and personal difficulties. I really enjoyed writing and sharing some more detailed and personal posts, because it's been a while since I wrote that sort of content. 

Of course, some of those posts were the start of some mini series which I will continue to talk about, especially my health and well-being journey and thanks to the positive feedback, Covid-19 date night/relationship activities! 

Generally, I will continue to post 4 times a week. Monday will continue to be "Midwifery Mondays", however given that I have now finished university, this content may change a little to be more focussed on women's health in general, which is a topic I am very much passionate about. Wednesday's will be the miscellaneous posts, with anything from personal stories, recipes and everything else that I want to write about, with Friday's being focussed on reviews. Sunday will continue to be a weekly vlog recap post, with the vlog posted on YouTube at the same time. 

All posts will go live at 8pm with social media being posted the next day. That is something I do need to work on more...social media! Bare with me, I'm getting there. 

As always, thank you for all your support. I would love to know what type of content you would like to see. Leave some suggestions in the comments below!