Reflecting on Studying Midwifery

I truly cannot believe that my three year, student midwife journey has come to an end. I have finally finished my degree and I am officially a midwife. As you know, my last day was 18th December, but I officially became a grandaunt on the 4th January. Here is a reflection on my experience as an undergraduate student midwife.
Year one was a unique experience. I started my midwifery journey surrounded by individuals I never would have otherwise had the opportunity to form a relationship with. For the first time, I had a social life, alongside studying, and I didn't struggle, spending every waking moment learning and revising. I often found myself feeling guilty for not finding it hard, but I've learnt to accept that everyone's paths and journeys to get to the end goal is different, with unique difficulties and hardships.

Second year cemented in me that midwifery was right for me. I developed a true passion for midwifery, for the women I looked after and the workforce a like. I integrated myself into the midwifery and university environment and made the most of every experience and opportunity. I really tried to advocate for those in my care and myself, going from strength to strength in confidence and competence.

The final year was a year like no other and one that was very unexpected. To be pulled from placement after less than two weeks back - after a long hiatus already - was never expected, nor was having to do remote, online distance learning for the rest of the theory modules, before returning to placement as a student, during the worst of the pandemic and NOT being paid as a band 4. Studying during a pandemic was different and something that will always be apart of my story.

I am so excited to go to work, but also incredibly scared...terrified in fact...of doing something wrong somehow. I know I will be supported by a team of incredible colleagues and I cannot wait to look after women and their families. To me, being a midwife means advocating for women and providing compassionate and competent care in line with the best evidence available. That is something I will always strive for and endeavour to preserve throughout my career.

Here's to the future. To supporting families on their journey and transition to parenthood. To growing in confidence as a newly qualified midwife. To continuing to share my journey as I continue doing the work I love. 

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