New Year Resolutions 2021!

I think last year's categories worked really well for me. It gave me the opportunity to focus on different areas of my life and set specific goals, so once again I will be doing goals on personal, relationships and work. I'm also going to continue focussing on a specific word for each year and this year I want it to be growth.

  1. Be more sustainable. You may have noticed that throughout 2020 I tried to use products which were more environmentally friendly whilst also attempting to hit the Sustainable Development Goals on a personal and professional level. This year I would love to work harder and be better at supporting the planet on a individual scale, as well as promote it more nationally too, by supporting projects and making small changes starting at home
  2. Meal plan and prep. I've always been someone who likes to be prepared and whilst I did meal plan to some extent, having a second person in the house makes it so much more important. I've lived alone for almost 7 years so I'm used to picking the meal I fancy on the night, but that's not really appropriate if there is more than one person so I would really like to get into meal planning. I think it will benefit both my sanity, but also from a cost effective point of view. I also think meal prepping will be great as I will now be fully doing shift work and with night shifts mixed in constantly, it would be a great way to reduce stress. Any tips going forward will be great. 
  3. Have more greenery. I have one small plant in my new house at the moment, and I would love some more. I think it's so important for oxygen and air quality, but also for peacefulness as bringing the outside in, is so refreshing. I would also like to make the garden nice. Of course, it's only a rental so I'm not quite sure how much I'll do, but adding in some cheap seasonal flowers and tidying it up a little will be nice. 
  4. Move my body. As I said in my reflections post, as much as I have gone for regular walks, I haven't really done any cardio for almost a year. I really need to get back into it and I personally don't think I'll be ready to do it publicly any time soon. Instead, I plan on doing at home workouts and Zumba classes on the Wii. I also had weights on my Christmas wishlist, so I may treat myself with some money I have. I think it will be really good to keep track of my journey, not necessarily for weight loss, but more health benefits too. 
  5. Enjoy the United Kingdom. Travel has always been a huge priority on my New Year Resolutions goals. Sadly, even if restrictions are released, I think it's going to be difficult year all round this year. For me, a holiday has always been abroad and I don't consider UK breaks as holidays, but I would love to explore more of the country I live in too. I absolutely loved my week-long family trip to Wiltshire a couple years ago, so it would be lovely to go somewhere with Luke. I'm really hoping for a nice glamping holiday with a hot tub, perhaps to the Lake District or Scotland. 
  6. Appreciate family. Last year was a little limiting on seeing family and whilst I've always been close to everyone, I defintely want to book trips around the country to see them all when it's allowed. I miss my sisters and my niece's and nephews. I miss the kids and watching them grow up. I miss being able to visit when I have a few days off. I just miss the hugs and kisses most of all. 
  7. Read an educational book every other month. I love reading and always have. Especially in the summer, when it's warm outside, you will always find me with a book in my hand. This year, as long as my "to be read" pile is, I really want to try to read some educational books. I use that term lightly, but books that really teach and help with self-growth from a personal level. I'm excited to take the opportunities this year to develop myself. 
  8. Complete my preceptorship. This one may be pushing it a little too far as it does take up to two years to complete, and it more so depends on your placement allocations, but I would love to be able to finish my preceptorship package within the year and then become a band 6. Realistically, it's a long shot but I'm hopeful. 2022 is going to be my year to buy a house so if it happens, it really will all fall together. 
  9. Develop Hannah Elizabeth. Another thing 2020 reignited my passion for is the business side of Hannah Elizabeth. As I'm sure many of you have seen, I just hit 1000 posts(!) which is still absolutely surreal to me. This was never meant to be a business but I've had some great opportunities and most importantly, collaborations with businesses and individuals. I would love to be able to continue to work with specifically chosen groups to share some of the things I think will be appreciated going forward, especially small businesses, which I have loved working with recently. 
  10. Learn to switch off. Finally, I want and need to get a better work-life balance. I think it will be so refreshing to be done with university because usually on my days off, I'm working behind-the-scenes on finalising bits and bobs for university, or working on the blog or on Hannah's Lips UK. I love all of it, but the vast majority is online, which means eye strain but also because it's so easily accessible, I'm just constantly on it! Ideally, I want to work 4 days a week; 3 of those will be working as a midwife (plus an additional day a month), and then the other three days a month, I want to be on the other projects. Giving me three days a week to do housework, watch television, chill and most importantly, spend time with loved ones. 

What are your New Year Resolutions for 2021? Share them in the comments below and we can hold each other to account! I would love to be able to check in with people. 

For a reminder of previous year's words, they have been:

2020: intention
2019: confidence 
2018: change 
2017: self-love
2016: progress 
2015: reset