Missing Snow, Ring Doorbell and Cleaning Day!

The snow came to Nottingham, he finally put up the doorbell and I forced myself to do a cleaning day!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

The week started off with a trip to the hospital on my day off. I had to go to another location because the appointments to get my uniform were so late at my hospital, so I rang and got an appointment for the next day which was great. I was even able to take them away, so they didn't have to be ordered in, which was unexpected. I was running a little late so didn't take any pictures of me trying the clothes on, plus it was a little stressful. I unexpectedly had to de-ice the car, to the point where I couldn't even open the door and then I was pretty blocked in so had to do a 20-odd point turn to get out. 

When I got back, I had a lovely surprise with a present from Sam. I've talked more about it here but it's a keyring which matches what I look like. Then I made a start on some more mandatory training. Most of it is unpaid, but some can be claimed back on overtime. I personally find it really difficult to concentrate on it at work so I don't mind too much doing it at home, even if it is in my own time. It feels like I've working constantly, but hopefully it will all be done by the end of February and then I can officially have some days off finally! 

After being on the to-do list for 3 weeks, I was fed up re-writing it again and again, so I finally convinced Luke to put my Ring doorbell up that I got for Christmas. Of course, he left it until the last minute again, but nevertheless, it's up and it's amazing! I have loved seeing the activity and it's so perfect. 
I genuinely love my job but that doesn't mean that there aren't hard days. I had an awful shift where I just felt deflated and that I'd done a really poor job, so Luke surprised me with flowers a few days later. I was genuinely so shocked and blown away. He's only bought me flowers twice before, once as an apology and a handful of roses once for Valentine's Day. I hate having leaves on my flowers so I always cut them off, which he gets angry at, so I left them on this time. 
Of course, wearing my purple uniform for the first time was absolutely amazing. I haven't wanted to wear my lilacs since I first started my very first hospital placement and I am in love. They are gorgeous and so much more comfy than my student uniform. It's so fun but also so surreal. I can't believe how quickly it's gone from that to this. 
As I left hospital, it was very clear the snow had been falling thick and fast all day. There were some local areas with 6 inches apparently. It's fun but I was a little sad I was at work the two days it was around for. I got to walk to and from work in it, but that's about it. 
My two days off in between, involved more mandatory training and cleaning. I've been putting off cleaning but the kitchen tiles have started falling off in one place, so I decided I better clean in case someone came round to fix it. Not that it was awful, but it was getting a little dusty and the damp in the bedroom needs doing weekly at least so...

I have also started receiving my some new bits for the study. I bought a little hanging unit, and built it really easily. Sadly, one of the pre-drilled holes had no thread in it, so I'm hoping Luke can fix it at the weekend. I got some extension cables and plug expanders, plus I finally got my hands on The Birth Plan. Some of you may know I completed my Hpnobirthing Instructor training last year so I can't wait to read this one! 

With lots of study days coming up, I've ended up getting rostered on to do quite a few early and late shifts which isn't particularly normal for me. When I got back, I had a shower and washed my hair...which is in desperate need of a cut because it is just wayyy too long and thick. Everyone keeps complementing me, but it's just so heavy and gives me constant headaches when it's put up. Sadly, it doesn't look like it will be happening any time soon, so I had a television afternoon, whilst finishing my blood transfusion training.

That evening, we had a relaxing date night, cuddled up on the sofa and watched Travellers, which is out latest show. We had a small local takeaway which was good but I would have much preferred a three course meal from Zizzi's. At least there was cookie dough!