Another Midwifery Graduation Gift Idea: NHS Key Worker Keyring (Review)

I've shared one midwifery graduation present idea before, but here's another! This is a gift I got from my friend, old housemate and fellow midwifery course mate. It's a small keyring from a small business called Keekadee Designs. They make handmade and hand painted gifts and keepsakes that "will be sure to put smiles upon many faces".

The owner sent each keyring in it's own silver mesh bag, with a business card and thank you label. I love that it had NHS Hero on it, as it reminds me of the Covid-19 pandemic, even though I don't see myself as a hero. My qualified midwife uniform is a lilac tunic and trousers (or dress), so the colour match is perfect! I also have my name on it and long brown hair. I think the little fob detail makes it all the better! It's not the best quality in terms of finish, it's very light weight and has some brush stroke marks, but it's the perfect gift and keepsake for the future. 

All the keyrings are made to order and they can personalise to suit the uniform. Here are some of the recent examples, with nurses, student nurses, paramedics and pharmacists. Plus, it's not just NHS staff, but I've seen wedding outfits, Valentine's editions and more. As you can see, the hair colour is also matched too.