Valentine's Day, Garden Updates and Sofa Arrival!

Valentine's Day celebrations went perfectly, plus I had some big house upgrades! 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
If you saw last week's vlog, you'll have seen some sneak peaks of my Valentine's Day celebrations. I was actually on a night shift on the 14th February this year, so we celebrated a day long and the whole day was pretty much perfect. Of course, it wasn't quite how we would normally celebrate, but I wanted to make it special so I decided to plan out a little treasure hunt, and probably go a little overboard at the same time. I wrote out 8 little 4 line rhyming poems, linking to the present and location. I had so much fun planning it all out, but I was a little nervous he would hate it. He ended up loving it and I'm so glad he played along! 

We did his first whilst brunch cooked. I'm sharing a whole post about what we got each other on Wednesday too so stay tuned for that here. Then I opened mine and loved them too! I think we both got equally spoilt this year. Brunch was amazing with Diet Coke, sausages, bacon and sourdough...yum! 
It was absolutely freezing cold so I didn't particularly feel like going for a walk but we wanted the day to be productive whilst spending time together. I have a bit of a cat poo problem in my garden at the moment and it's genuinely driving me mad. I bought some cat deterrent tools from Amazon a few weeks ago, but haven't got around to using them yet. Luke's belated Christmas present from my dad finally arrived, which meant we could start to sort the garden out (he got gardening tools!). First of all, we/Luke(!) went round and picked all the poo up from around the garden, then he put the ultrasonic cat scarer's up in the corners of the lawn and finally, we scattered the cat granules. I'm really hoping it works because it's getting really frustrating! 
Once the garden is completely sorted and made nice again, I'm sure I'll do some posts on it, but I wanted to take some before pictures to show what it did look like. We ended up heading to Wilko to pick up some little bits and it was so funny because I ended up running into my cousin and her mother in law again! I picked up lots of different seeds, bulbs, a watering can and some grass seed, to bring some of the areas back to life, so hopefully by the summer it will be a dream garden to relax, unwind and sunbathe. Sadly, there weren't any seeds that could be planted in February which made me a little sad, and I'm not doing indoor/outdoor seedlings so in the end, we couldn't go much further until in was March. 
The rest of the night we spent relaxing and enjoying our time together. We watched a couple of episodes of Travellers before tea and then Luke cooked a homemade three course dinner. After tea, we watched The Aeronauts, which was a beautiful film. Sadly, Luke is far too comfortable and as usual, I fell asleep on him so had to watch it the next day before my night shift. 

On Pancake Tuesday, it was time for my new sofa to be delivered! I was so excited because I've been waiting quite literally since September. The night before, Luke came over and we moved my temporary sofa/sofa bed up to the study, so I now have a little cuddle corner and alternative place to relax. I did some work in there as well as had a bit of a disaster with Santander. 

Luckily, the sofa was a smooth process. The delivery drivers were lovely, really quick and very efficient. They completely unpacked and set it up, even taking the rubbish with them. They did lay an old curtain down to protect my carpet from their shoes, but there was still a little bit of mud when they left, which I quickly wiped up! The sofa is so comfy and makes such a difference, but it's a lot bigger than I remember so I may soon be moving some furniture around. 
I also realised that the light had fallen down somehow, perhaps by knocking it in the moving process last night which made me a little anxious, but I also wanted to have someone see it, and Luke wasn't going to be coming over for almost 2 weeks. I did manage to convince him to come over in the end, so he sorted out the light and fell in love with the sofa too. 

I then had two night shifts before my week was over, then I drove over to Luke's house to celebrate my 5 days off, because I also had some annual leave in the middle.