TV Shows I'm Loving in 2021!

As I mentioned in my January Round Up post, I've absolutely loved watching some new shows already this year and although I picked my favourite for the post (Bridgerton!), I still wanted to share all the others too, alongside some mini reviews. Since lockdown 3.0 started, there hasn't been a whole lot to do so I have very much become addicted to television. I feel like I've exhausted and become bored of the walk so I'm glad Netflix are still releasing new shows, whilst also catching up on some old ones that I've been waiting to watch for a while. Here are the shows I've binge watched over the last two months! 


Let's start with my favourite show of the month. I absolutely fell in love with these regancy period drama and loved the modern take on the stories and the characters. I thought it was refreshing to see the simplicity of storylines, infused with the hot sex scenes that are usually avoided in these shows. It reminds me of The Duchess with Keira Knightley in a way, but obviously less abusive. I think the stand out part for me is the soundtrack. I love instrumental music and the classical take on modern pop songs has become my go-to playlist! Of course, I jumped on the bandwagon after all the raving reviews but nevertheless, I love it! 

Spinning Out

I absolutely loved watching this over the Christmas holiday. I had 4 weeks off before I started my job and this was one of the ones I was desperate to watch and fast. I've always loved ice skating and Dancing on Ice was one of my favourite shows growing up. This series showcased the challenge of the profession, whilst also exploring teenage antics, romance relationship triangles and abusive parents. Yes all of it, but delicately, appropriately and informatively. 


I actually can't remember when it was I watched this one, it could have been November, but I still wanted to include it. I've been wanting to watch this for a while but wanted to wait until it had finished. In the end, I started watching and couldn't stop, however I think by season 3 I was a little bored. I felt the themes got a little repetitive and I found myself frustrated that the romance wasn't going the way I wanted it to. I really enjoyed the last season though and will be excited to watch the final season coming soon, to see what happens! 

Virgin River

Another I watched during my annual leave and I loved it. This small time country town becomes the new home of a healthcare professional, and I think that's why I loved it. I loved the medical side of it whilst it also had an easy going nature and was fun to watch. The next season is sure to bring more romance which I can't wait for. Can you tell I'm a romantic?

Fate: The Winx Saga

I still can't quite get over the fact that this is a series! I loved watching Winx as a child but I only ever caught glimpses as I didn't have the channel at home. This is a much more grown up take, but with the romance side of things, plus the adventure and magic, it right up my alley. I actually watched this before my first night shift as a qualified midwife. I was trying to stay awake and it didn't take too long to watch as it was sadly only 6 episodes long. 

Good Girls

This is own of the shows I've been watching in the background whilst doing other bits and bobs around the house, or working on my laptop. I've enjoyed watching it, but it's one I haven't connected with because the storyline is just too outrageous to comprehend!

Cobra Kai

My favourite shows are often the quick 20 minute episodes and whilst this show was strange in that the lengths of the episodes varied quite significantly, it was still short and sweet, to fit in where we can. I've watched The Karate Kid film, but Luke hadn't so he's now a bit obsessed with not only watching them all, but also doing karate which is obviously not possible at the moment. I really did surprisingly enjoy this show though and found it strangely addictive. I think the acting was incredible, plus the flashbacks to the films are honestly breath-taking. It's so special that they've been able to capture those moments and fit the storyline around it. Plus, having all the actors return is perfect! 

The Circle

This was another that my partner and I watched together, and you may think it was me leading but it was actually him! He'd watched the Channel 4 UK version and so wanted to see the US one. I quite enjoyed it but thought everyone was a little dramatic. If you're looking for something to watch without having to pay too much attention, this is the type of show you should watch. We would often watch whilst playing board games or chatting about life. 

Star Trek: Discovery

I promise I'm not usually a sit down and watch tv all day type person, but it really seems like that's all I do! This is the last show I promise. Luke watched this first, so I caught up with the first series and then we watch the next together. I feel I've been very spoilt now with Netflix and Amazon, and love binge watching, so having to painfully wait a week between episodes is not for me. I also found the latest season quite confusing. There were so many different characters and storylines, and as a non-Star Trek person, perhaps I needed a bit more of an explanation. Luckily, I had Luke to fill in the gaps for most of it!

Of course, as lockdown and social distancing doesn't look like it will be stopping anytime soon, I would love to hear your suggestions on shows to watch, so please leave them in the comments below. I am currently watching Travellers with Luke and Shadowhunters by myself. For the latter, I watched the first season back when it was first on television, but didn't love it because it didn't match up to the books well enough, and I thought the acting was poor. I still hold those views but now that it's been quite a few years since I read the books, I don't feel as connected to the characters I fell in love with. 


  1. I loved Bridgerton! For some reason I thought it was 10 episodes, though, so I was mid-way through the last episode (#8) and got a little disappointed I'd raced through it so quickly, haha! I also really enjoyed Spinning Out, though I think I watched it last winter. I used to figure skate and watch it a lot on TV, so it was also fun to spot the couple of professionals they used on screen.

    The others are all pretty unknown to me, but you've peaked my interest in a few! I'll have to search them up later :)


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