What "WE" got Each Other for Valentine's Day 2021!

Another year, another Valentine's Day and this year was a little different. Traditionally, we would normally go out but of course in Covid times, that couldn't happen. I was also working a night shift so we celebrated a day early. I still wanted to make it special so I probably went a little overboard on presents, but I thought it would be fun to do a similar present post from Christmas. I tried to make his extra special by doing it treasure hunt style around the house!

Luke always complains of a bad back, even more so when practicing archery regularly. When I try to give him a back massage, he complains it’s not hard enough so I treated him to a back and neck massager. It’s a little annoying it needs to be plugged in but so far it works well and I’m enjoying it on my feet after a long shift. It’s really versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere. 

I also bought him a beer subscription with Beer 52 which I also got him for Christmas. I’m planning to share a full review a little later this month once they’ve all been tried! I then bought a beginners piano book for his new found hobby, so hopefully he'll start playing songs I know soon! Finally, the last bit was a bit of a joke present with a selection of shower poofs. I like things to stay colour matching in all my rooms and the orange and green ones he had in my bathroom just didn’t work, so I bought some new ones for him to keep at mine. 

For my gifts from him, I got spoilt with some gorgeous jewellery pieces and bonus presents. I was really surprised to know that Luke listened to some things I've discussed over the past couple of months. My favourite was a rose gold bracelet with a H initial and my Moonstone birthstone. It's so perfect! The other was a little love heart Pandora charm for my bracelet. Plus, some Dairy Milk Giant Chocolate Buttons in the new Orange flavour and some flowers. 

The next day he surprised me with a slightly belated present which I absolutely love. It's a slate board! I love slate and this is so diverse, it could be a centrepiece as I currently have it, or even a cheese board! I'm not a fan of the engraving writing but he also made it more personal by hand carving it and putting my initials on, with a love heart vine attached too. He's so cute!

He also treated me (somewhat forced!) to a three course meal from Zizzi’s a little early. After having it to celebrate graduating last month, I’ve been craving it ever since! It was absolutely delicious with garlic bread, pizza plus a side of rosemary fries and salted caramel brownie. However, due to it missing half the order, we ended up getting a full refund, then bought the missing half again so it was a little deflating. On Valentine's Day, we ended up having a homecooked meal instead!