Keeping the Spark Alive During a Pandemic

Relationships are hard at the best of times, but during a pandemic it's even harder. Whether it's finding a new love online, or trying to keep the spark alive whilst living on top of each other 24/7, lockdown can make it difficult to make dates romantic. Plus, the monotonous nature of being at home has left a lot of people being frustrated with their other halves. 

I've spoken about some of my relationship difficulties over the past few weeks and I'm pleased to say things have got better! For me, organising little activities to switch up date night has been important, but also allows us to reconnect. The honest communication and I felt activity have both helped us in doing this and I'm excited to continue to work on the relationship to improve. I think that all relationships require work and I'm coming up to 2 years in mine, so the honeymoon period is probably behind us. I asked some other bloggers to share their top tips on working on relationships during this pandemic, but I think they can also be relevant at all periods of life too. 

I loved Jupiter's comment who said that her and her partner "literally ask each other out on dates. This would normally involve going out somewhere, to an event one of us set up, but instead we have been doing the entire date at home. From asking the other person to dinner or to a movie, then setting up fancy dinner (flowers out on the table, candles, nice plates) or setting up a lovely movie with the other person's favourite snacks, warm blankets and cleaning." I completely agree with this and the whole "asking each other out" is just so perfect! Luke and I make an effort to have date nights, often with takeaways and a film. We also get dressed up, and in fact last time, he came down in a matching tie!  
As I've said, many people have struggled by being in each other's pockets, but communication in general is important. Sarah shares that "when in a situation where you are together a lot, communication can make or break your relationship alongside sharing the responsibilities around the home. Remember to share when you are feeling blue but also if you are feeling happy!" I think this is something that's really helped with Luke and I, and are 3 questions at the end of the day allow us to openly share are best and worst parts of the day; even if things haven't been great, it's important to appreciate the little moments. Ruby stays sane by finding the "positive in every situation or task, and using this quality time to enjoy together time rather than resent each other's actions."

Charlie furthers this by stressing the importance of being open and clear, "don't sit on issues or let stuff fester, it's go nowhere to go." But also to compromise and forgive. "You're both likely to find annoying habits aren't just annoying anymore but downright bloody irritating." It's also important to try and not focus on these moments, 

I think it follows that when it gets to that point, it's important to have time apart. Going for walks, meeting up with others (whilst following the rules) or simply doing a hobby in another room can be good for couples. Not everyone needs to be stuck together all day every day. Becky gives a good example of her and her husband doing exactly that. They both "socialise with other people throughout and have regular virtual boardgames night with friends". 

Whilst doing that alone time, I often find my own thoughts going back to my partner and it's nice to know he does the same. Little touches and surprise seem all the more meaningful at the moment so when he came back from his walk with flowers I was completely shocked and surprised. That made me feel really special but also feel appreciated and listened to. I had a tough shift at work and to know he heard me and wanted to make me feel better was bliss. 
I'd like to finish with a quote from Alice, which I think is important to remember. Of course, it's easy to concentrate on the bad bits and the stressful times, but "we’re fully blessed to be able to spend so much time with our loved ones so make it count". 

Do you have your own tips for what's been working for you? I think those who work and live together must honestly be amazing people!