Baking Treats, Productive Day and Lockdown Allowances!

Finishing a week of night shifts made me exhausted but I kicked into action and had some productive days off work. 

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 

I worked a lot of night shifts in a short period of time so I just decided to stick to night shift mode in between the two sets. Luke came over on one of my nights off and brought a yummy KFC takeaway, before making me some scrumptious chocolate butterfly buns. We used my silicone cupcake cases for the first time and absolutely loved them!  

After finishing all my night shifts, I finally kicked my butt into action. I had a sleep day and then another day that was completely wasted by being in and out of sleep all day, so knew I had to do my to-do list as soon as possible. The plan was to clean the house, supermarket shop, post office, return items, go for a walk with my cousin and try to finish my online training. 
I didn't quite manage to tick everything off but I did manage to buy some new jumpers from Sainsbury's. One I loved, an another that I didn't like the fit of but loved the colour. I also found Prawn Cocktail crisps which I have been obsessed with since I was glad they're back! I did however, also manage to iron my uniform on my new ironing board, finish my book and re-stuff then sew up Rainbow (my teddy) who was falling apart! Plus, I sorted out some bits and bobs for Valentine's Day too. Busy! 
In the end, instead of going for a walk with my cousin, with a slight change of plans, I ended up meeting up with Sam instead. It was absolutely freezing so we went to Highfields Lake at the University of Nottingham. It worked out perfectly and I was so glad because it meant it was a shorter walk. 

This was also a busy week with work because I had only two clinical shifts but also two training days. These were slightly shorter days but still just as exhausting. I absolutely felt so much better having done them though and now have much more confidence in my practice going forward. 

In between shifts, I had a lovely walk and picnic with my cousin to Wollaton Deer Park. It was still a little snowy so pretty, but again freezing at -3 degrees! I literally took all evening to warm up, whilst trying to complete all my e-learning packages and bits and bobs to finish my package ready for my second training day. We saw so many deer and got really close which was great. I just wish I took a better camera. 


  1. Oh, those silicone cupcake cases look great! Did you notice anything funny about them? Or were they just as good or better than the paper cases? For whatever reason I sometimes feel a bit hesitant about silicone bakeware, but I love to get more reusable things!

    Also, I love that colour-blocked top! The colours are so pretty :)

    1. I posted a full review on the topic that you can read here: Overall, I loved them! Thank you so much. Me too :)


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