Silk Pillowcases: Benefits and Blissy (Review)

Once again, another belated review from a Christmas present from a few years ago. This time, it's a Blissy pillowcase and I was waiting to use it until I moved into my new house, so that it would be well looked after. I have also recently shared my sleep struggles, so whilst it's gotten a lot better, I thought what a perfect time to start using it!

Silk is a natural fibre, which is comfortable and soft. It has been a well-known secret used in the beauty industry for a number of years. As a pillowcase, the benefits are huge. First of all, it helps maintain natural oils. This keeps hair healthy and ensures skin moisture, retaining elasticity. The latter is especially important in ageing skin. It also reduces the amount of product absorbed (over a tradition pillowcase) therefore night time skincare products stay on your skin and not on the pillow!

The second is that it reduces friction between contact and the silk pillow. For hair, it reduces the static and friziness, whilst minimising split ends, to allow for smooth hair when you wake up. It can also work as anti-ageing as reduced friction, reduces skin wrinkles and creases when sleeping. This also benefits people with sensitive skin and acne prone skin, which was the main reason I originally wanted one. Friction can often create more inflammation, making acne worse, therefore reducing friction benefits. Furthermore, it prevents pores from getting clogged as the material is breathable. It's also noted that as a natural fibre, bacteria is minimised. 

I absolutely loved the packaging of this pillowcase. It came in a sweet sleigh box, with delicate tissue paper inside. I have noticed that since this, they have updated their range to include even more styles and colours of the pillowcases, with packaging colours that match. Plus, they now have even more silk products too: scrunchies, eye masks and face masks! I would absolutely love to try a silk facemask. They also have some wellness products, not dissimilar to sleep spray that I've shared before. 

It took me a little while to get used to it, because it's especially cold when you first lay down for the night. I also found that I didn't want to use it until my skincare products had been absorbed because it was so expensive, which put me off using it as I didn't want to damage it. It really does feel high quality, super soft and silky. The most luxurious aspect for me was that the pillowcase zipped at the side. I actually really liked this feature because it just has a much cleaner look. I have quite small, flat pillows and the regular size was a little big, but the zip meant that it didn't overhang or fall out over the week. 

I've now used it for almost a month and I love it. I think it's made a real difference to my hair especially. I've always struggled with baby hairs sticking up on the top of my head and looking static. This somewhat reduced with not using heat so much during the pandemic, but it made an even bigger difference using this pillow. 

I've personally not struggled so much with acne since being on roaccutane, but it's always better to put measures in place especially with maskne in full force. I think my major issue has been around the side of my eyes, where the mask straps go, but also where my hair falls, so perhaps over time, this will help as reducing the oils in my hair with only benefit my skin. I also love the fact that my Nangai Oil now gets almost fully absorbed into my skin and not the pillowcase. 
Overall, my hair is way less frizzy and static which I absolutely love and I also feel like my skin is improving, however I do think it's a little overpriced and washing them more frequently is a little bit of a hassle! 

Have you tried a silk pillowcase? Do you think you will now you've read the benefits? You can get £20 off your purchase with Blissy here