6 Reasons to Dance!

I think we all need a reason to celebrate and be joyful right now. Especially with Christmas finished. Thinking of this a few weeks ago I was reminded of something from PIT Stop a few months ago. At my last in person PIT Stop, I shared some of the biggest thing I took away, but this year I didn't so I thought I would share now, when we need it the most. Dance. 

Dancing is one of my favourite things to do. I love dancing. I am so bad at it and I find it much easier to sit and tap to the beat, but if I have an instructor telling me how to do it, I'll jump on board any chance I get. I find it fun and a great way to exercise. I use to take Zumba classes but haven't recently for obvious reasons. In the new year, I need to set up the Wii and getting back into Zumba on there. I genuinely cannot wait! 

Here's 6 reasons you should also dance!

  1. Emotional well-being: dancing has been proven to be just as good, if not better than prescription medication for depression. 
  2. Maximise brain function: following instruction especially, triggers sequential learning and pattern recognition. 
  3. Total body workout: dancing is great cardio but it is also great at moving every single muscle and part of the body (legs, bum, arms etc!) and you can even add weights or heels to work different muscles. 
  4. Increased motivation: those positive hormones released will better motivate for success. 
  5. Better decision-making: being care free for a few moments lets the stresses of life disappear, giving a clean slate to start back again after. 
  6. Boosts happiness: who doesn't love listening to music and not having a care in the world?

Do you dance? If not, why not? Go for it. Take a few minutes each day, put on a loved song and dance like no-one is watching. You got this!