Never Have I Ever - Student Midwife Edition!

This week is the week I am officially no longer a student. Although, I had my last day on the 18th December, as I've explained elsewhere (somewhere?), the university then has 7 days to officially submit everything and do the paperwork. As it has been Christmas, this passed over into the new year and so as of yesterday, I am no longer a student! To round the experience off, this year is going to be all about my third year, starting off with a fun post. Be prepared for all the midwifery content. Sorry in advance if you're not interested in this aspect of my life but like I said, it is an aspect and quite a big one! 

I haven't seen any written posts of Never Have I Ever's but I saw this Student Nurse/Midwife Edition and I thought it looked so much fun so I wanted to share my answers before my "Student Midwife" journey is officially finished. I'm still waiting for my final degree classification and pin number, and as usual, I will be sharing my year 3 review on the course, placement and exams in the coming weeks. 

So let's get started! 

  1. Never have I ever forgotten how to take a manual blood pressure.
    Honest is, I haven't. I did it so much as a medical student so it's become ingrained in me. However, I did struggle for about a week in that I had a blocked ear and couldn't hear anything! 
  2. Never have I ever failed an assignment. 
    I have not. I work hard at my theoretical aspect of work but importantly, I love it so I find it comes a lot more natural to me than some people. 
  3. Never have I ever received a stethoscope as a present. 
    That would be a yes. I received a Littman for my 18th birthday present from my dad. So many people say not to bother but I would 100% say do it, I think it's personally worth the investment and reduces infection risk. Plus, the hospital ones aren't the best. 
  4. Never have I ever added a fob watch to my uniform for "glam". 
    I can't say I find them all that glamorous! 
  5. Never have I ever gone into placement after a night out. 
    Luckily, I'm not that sort of person and I need sleep before shift, so I just couldn't, but I know many a student that have.
  6. Never have I ever cried because of my mentor. 
    Not because of my own mentor, but another member of staff, shouted at me when I went to theatre for my first time ever. I may have actually cried when I heard a feedback comment from my labour suite mentors in first year...but I think I was more so upset then physically crying.
  7. Never have I ever needed a drink after a shift. 
    I don't drink but I can safely say this is a HUGE YES...especially after my last ever shift which was truly horrendous. 
  8. Never have I ever missed out on placement. 
    I've missed a lot but I've also been quite lucky in that I've been able to request the majority off. The big one was my cousin's 21st party and sister's 21st meal. 
  9. Never have I ever cried because I don't think I'm a good enough student. 
    I think everyone has those moments, questioning decisions, especially in poor clinical outcomes. For me, it came when comparing to other students in third year. So many people in my cohort were doing so much more than me and being a lot more independent, I just felt inadequate. 

This was so much fun and after seeing it on TikTok, I think so many people feel so similar so it's actually refreshingly comforting. If you are a student midwife, nurse or any other healthcare degree, this can totally apply for you too! Leave your link below if you do share.