Hi Everyone,

I am brand new to blogging, not just to this channel but blogging full stop. I have recently started to watch a lot of YouTube videos and through this I have been lead to blogs. My favourite is, without-a-doubt, Anna Saccone (http://www.annasaccone.com/)! Girls...if you are interested in fashion, beauty and mummy posts, it is definitely worth a read. :) 

I feel like many people use blogs as a way to communicate with others and share their lives with everyone so I thought I would give it a try. Maybe I can meet some people and make some friends! 

To start off here are just some quick pictures from this year to introduce you to ME! 

January-February: I have been travelling the country this year, going to interviews for university. After my last, I was so relieved that they were all over, pleased none of them went disastrously. 

20 April: This year my mother and I spent Easter Sunday travelling around Yorkshire, seeing my family and handing out my 18th birthday party invitations (I can't wait for that, but more about that later)! I am 100% a family-orientated girl and I love being able to spend time with everyone; luckily most of them live fairly close. 
16 May: I'm from England, so traditionally it is very cold and wet and miserable. However recently, we have been blessed with some gorgeous sunny, summery days. 
23 May: Yesterday was my last ever day of college! It was sad to know that I won't be seeing all the friends I have made over the last two years again, but at the same time I have made a lot of new friends and I have some great memories. Rachel is one of the girls I met in Geography and we became extra close when we went to Iceland together. This is our signature pose ;)
23 May: To celebrate the last day of college, a group of friends and I planned a full night of fun. We went to Xscape, Castleford to watch Bad Neighbours at the cinema - so funny! We then went out for tea and after bowling. It was a well deserved break from revision.

Well I'll be back soon with a TMI post with everything you need to know about me...and some things you don't. 

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx


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