Your Guide to a Day Trip to: Cambridge

Cambridge is a well-known city in England and one that's famous across the world. I've been quite a lot over recent years, starting with my first visit when I was looking around the university there. Since then, I've visited friends who live in the city and my sister has taken me on a number of days out with the kids. The city is on the River Cam in eastern England, home to the prestigious university. Colleges include King’s, famed for its choir and towering Gothic chapel, and Trinity, founded by Henry VIII. 

1. Walk around the city. Personally, I think Cambridge is one of the cities you can walk around for hours. The architecture is so diverse and you can see the history of the centuries. 

2. Punt down the river. If you only go to Cambridge once, you have to go punting. It's a long thin boat, which is driven by a person standing and using a stick to push your way along the river bed. The river is really shallow! You have two options of renting the boats, one with a guide and one where you drive yourselves. 

3. Go shopping down the independent streets. There are so many little hidden gems homing so many trinkets. If you're interested in old England, you'll enjoy the cobbled streets. 

4. Tour the colleges at the university. Cambridge University has 31 different colleges, all very different, with unique qualities and designs. 

Is there anything must do's in Cambridge?