Takeaways Galore, Deer Season and Mortgage Success!

I've been so busy with life recently. My downtime has been overtaken with house stuff or overtime! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

Luke and I headed out for a nice last minute pub meal with some friends as a double date. It was very much belated because it was suppose to in December and go delayed due to Luke having covid. We went to a pub I don't particularly like but with a new menu and new management, it was delicious! 

In between night shifts, I headed to Wollaton with my cousin and her dog. There were so many deer there. It's mating / breeding season so there were a lotttttt, really close. The god is so big and was so funny chasing after all the birds. 

This vlog is from the last few weeks as I honestly haven't done much. I have had so many meetings for my mortgage and it finally got approved...subject to valuation! I have both my survey and valuation next week so I'm interested to see how it all goes and then it's (almost) in the bag. To celebrate, I got a Chiquto's takeaway. It was delicious. 

The next week, I was again meant to be meeting my cousin for a walk but she ended up cancelling a little last minute. So instead, I chilled a home, thinking of all the things I should have been doing and couldn't be bothered to do. In the evening, Luke came over for a delicious home cooked meal.