Winter Wedding, Wet Walks and Mothers Day!

My mental health isn't the best at the moment, so I haven't been recording too much. Here's life from the last 7 weeks. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I started the vlog with a lovely walk with my cousin and nephew. It's crazy how much has changed. I had a big gap without seeing him and now he's walking and talking and has such big teeth. He's a proper little boy!

This year, I have 6 weddings to attend and honestly, it's getting a little stressful with hen parties, weddings and everything in between. I get 4 requests a month, and there is a lot of days I need to try and be free, so I sadly can't attend them all. Luckily, I could attend a university friend's wedding which was lovely. It was so nice to catch up with a couple of friends as well. 

I ended up having a couple of weeks off. I am a little desperate for money so I ended up picking up a few extras but in my time off, I went to Wales for a few days to see my dad where we went to a few garden centres and on some nice walks. 

I then went back to Nottingham and did some extra shifts, before heading to Wakefield for some very frustrating time supposedly visiting family, which didn't quite work out as anticipated. We did manage to have a couple of hours together for a nice meal and then on one morning, my mum and I went on a dog walk and had a nice brunch out. The rest of the time I was pretty much alone, although at least I did have the dogs to keep me company. 
A few weeks later, I did go back to Leeds for just a few hours on Mothers Day. We had a big meal at a fancy restaurant with my mum's in laws. It was a yummy 3 course meal, but very poor service and the food was sadly quite cold.