Exploring Nessebar and Swimming with Jellyfish! (Bulgaria 2018)

Everyone seems to be raving about Nessebar so I walked there and back, before swimming with jellyfish! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
I seemed to have made my last 3 days super busy which was probably not the best idea but nevertheless, the weather on my last day wasn't the best. I woke up and it was a little cooler than it has been and after looking at the forecast, it was suppose to be really windy for most of the day and thunderstorming in the afternoon, so I decided to go ahead and visit Nessebar.

The Thomas Cook Representative told us to take the train and when I went to reception, they told me to get the bus which was far cheaper. So I headed to the bus station and after asking multiple people and walking around searching, I decided to head back to the beach which is both my happy place and the place I know. After looking as a map, it was about the same distance that I walked the previous day so I thought it would be a nice walk.
There was a surprisingly large number of people already along the beach and I guess everyone figured to go earlier because of the forecast for later. Interestingly, they were setting up a new restaurant on the beach front and so there were vehicles literally driving in the ocean dropping things off.
As I got closer, there was a little fair ground and I thought the funniest ride was a roller coaster called Nessy. It was made to look like the lochness monster but obviously also named after Nessebar.
This wooden windmill structure announces the start of Nessebar and you have to cross a bridge like land mass to get to it. It's a very old little land off shoot and I think if it wasn't for the fact it's a tourist attraction, so lots of sea defences to protect it, the whole place might have been gone by now.
The more modern structures remind me a lot of Austrian architecture but then other aspects remind me of Greek so it's a total clash of cultures.
The ruins are beautiful and I loved that there were signs explaining all of them. It was fascinating to be able to walk on and around them all instead of them being completely barricaded from the public.
Then of course, I walked down to the very pebbly beach and their were gorgeous building serving as accommodation for guests on the walk down.

As I started walking home I saw where the trains were so I thought why not. Well...biggest mistake ever. It's the equivalent of £1.50 and literally takes 5 minutes off the 1 and a half hour walk back to my hotel. It was ridiculous and I was so shocked when they said it was over. It was nice to see the road for a little bit but defintely not worth it.
Of course, I made it back just in time to do all my activities again and loved every second of it for the last day.
And because I've yet to show even a sample of the food, I finally shared a few clips on the vlog so be sure to go watch! 
My final show of the holiday was another Variety Show but with a completely different set of acts. I absolutely loved the comedy scenes and the dancing was amazing. Unfortunately, they did have an extremely sexist act which I hated. It was all about these guys playing the skimpily clad women as instruments in compromising positions. It was awful but I did enjoy the rest of it.
The mini disco was inside but they made the decision to do the main show outside despite it raining on and off. It was fine and then just as it was starting it started raining again and the majority of the audience disappeared. Then they all came back and the weather held off to the very end when it was the club dance time. It was actually really amazing because as everyone wanted to get out of the rain, there were so many people dancing! I loved watching it! :)