Puppy Love and Photoshoot Bloopers! - Week Diary

This past week I went home for a little trip to see family in Yorkshire.

I filmed a few clips this week and made a short vlog! Click here to watch and see below. I also took lots of photos and I've shared a brief daily summary and some of my favourites below :)

I started the week off at my dad's house and we went bowling as it had started to rain.

It was such a nice day and dad and I wanted to get out of the house. We decided last minute to go to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I used to go all the time as a child but haven't been in years so I don't really remember it. Sorry for the picture overload, I took so many pictures that I love, this was the best I could do to narrow it down. To see the full album, click here

Wednesday was a pretty chill day. I spent the majority with dad who then dropped me off at my mum's house. I didn't tell her I was coming so I surprised her. I love coming back because I usually have so much post and this time did not disappoint. I got my Kylie Jenner Lip kits (review and haul coming soon here) and Sprinkle of Glitter's, Simply Be collection (also coming soon here).

I tried to plan a little in advance for this visit and arranged to meet two school friends at Frankie and Benny's. Unfortunately, Waqaar ended up having to work so it was just a girly date with Alice and me. Mum came to pick me up afterwards but I was waiting a while so as any sane person does, I took lots of selfies! At the moment, we love looking at new houses so we went to look at a new complex.

Mum was having a BBQ with friends so Laura offered to pick me up. We went to Valentino's, a local Italian, and had some delicious food while catching up before she dropped me back at home. I crashed the party and ended up talking to 'the adults' where we ended up playing poker. I lost but afterwards we played '13 card brag' which I won!

As already mentioned, I got a massive package from Simply Be with lots of clothes that I won. I ended up taking all the pictures and videos for my blog post and lookbook coming out soon but here are some behind the scene pictures of my set up!

My last day in Yorkshire is always something mum likes to celebrate, despite the fact I come back usually once a month! We went as a family to Capri, a new Italian that has opened up, where I had my 5th different pizza in 6 days. Can you tell I'm obsessed! I thought it was bellisimo but not everyone was convinced!

Afterwards, we called in at my godmother's house to meet their new puppy, a little black lab named Phoebe. She is seriously the cutest thing. You forget how small they are until you hold a dog that little again. Oh my heart...