Don't Stay at Pure Highbury! (Review)

An open letter to all considering staying at Pure Highbury, Pure Student Living!

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to let you know how disappointed I am in my stay here at Pure Highbury.

I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to stay here for a year. It was a last minute decision hence the unfortunate high price, but it was close to the tube station so easy access to all major central London locations, high level of security to make me feel safe and especially the added bonus of a gym, small but fully functional and never busy. Having stayed at a hall last year with no rec room, I was very happy that there was a large M floor purely for socialising.

But the problems are unbelievable.

After starting the year with no cutlery, dirty pans and getting all my food stolen - still an ongoing battle but not as severe - it only got worse.

The temperature in my room didn't work so that had to be fixed, now it is off completely and still far too hot. I have to leave my window open throughout the day and sweat through the night because otherwise it is too noisy to sleep with the trains.

The kitchen has had it's own share of problems. We were without one of the oven's for over 3 months, and a light for 1 month making it very difficult to see into the lockers. I was told that the light was on backorder and it would be changed as soon as it came in. After the second light went out, I complained again and they were both fixed within a day of the complaint, leaving me to question that they had the light all along.

On top of the power cut, my shower stopped working. The pressure went completely as did the temperature so I was left with a powerful burning hot or ice cold shower or a trickle of temperate water. None of which were useable.

Multiple leaks has meant the main entrance has been out of order many times and recently it meant that the laundry room was locked of limits on safety grounds. None of the washers or dryers were working but did they let anyone know? No of course not. I stripped my bed, trudged downstairs only to have to be told. They said they would email when it was fixed but no, did they hell. Security didn't even seem to know about it, let alone when it would be fixed.

To top it all off, the internet has been terrible since just after Christmas with major works going on recently. I now, in the midst of exam revision when I need it the most, have not had it at all for 24 hours. It has just come back on allowing me to write this message.

This is seriously getting ridiculous. I am paying well over £200 a week for the worst rented accommodation that I have ever stayed in. I think for a student accommodation, one of the most important things is WiFi which is what you sell yourself on and yet it still isn't right.

Parties continue to be organised on week nights when many have university early in the morning or, even worse, exams! They continue into the early hour of the next morning and obviously keep me awake.

While, yes, the staff are all very friendly and kind, this just isn't worth the money being asked. I'm not usually one to complain because I don't like confrontation but I honestly I feel like this isn't going to fix itself and something seriously needs to be done. In actual fact, the cheek of the company has meant that they have had a complete change of staffing and switched a lot of the normal staff to those from elsewhere.

If you are a heavy sleeper, book it now! This is the perfect accommodation! If you can't sleep through constant banging of the pipes, constant banging of the fire doors, intermittent trains and loud badly organised events...find somewhere else!

Miss Slack.