Meeting The Saccone-Jolys...Again!

If you haven't seen my first post from meeting the Saccone-Joly's last year, click here now, but here are some pictures!

Yesterday, I headed to Alexandra Palace to see one of my favourite YouTube families, the Saccone-Joly's. Like last year, Jonathan and Anna Saccone-Joly wanted to meet lots of 'friendliest friends' but they also wanted to give back to a cause they are passionate about. 

If you know of them, you probably know three key things about them: 
  1. They are YouTubers.
  2. They have 2 adorable kids: Emilia and Eduardo.
  3. They have 6 gorgeous Maltese dogs:  Albi, Sina, Theo, Nivea, Bianca and Nuvies.
Hence the idea to give back to the animal charity, the RSPCA, came alive and Anna and Jonathan brought their meetups to the Big Walkies event. Last year they did North London and Leeds and this year it has only gotten bigger with 4 locations: South London, Cardiff, Bournemouth and once again North London. 

As I prepared to leave the house, having curled my hair the night before, I was torn between a dress with sandals or trousers with boots. The weather was gorgeous but it was predicted to rain later on. I went with UGG Boots, Dorothy Perkins jeggings and a satin green Dorothy Perkins top, paired with a blue cardigan from, you guessed it, Dorothy Perkins. Can you tell I love Dorothy Perkins? 

I was so excited to meet them. I was almost more excited to meet them this year than last year. Last year I was so nervous. The fact I'd admired them so much, for so long, made me worry it would be a disappointment. Sometimes, when you love someone so much, it’s hard when you meet them in real life because in reality they might be completely different. I was so nervous in fact, that I didn’t say anything I wanted to, so this time around I decided I would play it safe and write them a letter. I wrote a letter to Jonathan and Anna plus one each for the kids.

I feel bad that they are giving up so much of their time to meet us, I wanted to give something back. But I also didn't want to give the children gifts. I'm not saying that they are spoilt but I do think that they have more toys than they could ever play with. They get gifts from all over the world, I thought they would be wasted on them. I tried to be a little bit more thoughtful. I couldn't think of gifts that were thoughtful enough to be useful so I thought I would write instead. I do think one of the people I met in the queue had a great idea though; she bought popcorn for Jonathan, candles for Anna, a teeny purse for Emilia and a little car for Eduardo. Little trinkets and useful things that they can actually use!

The Saccone-Joly's were the very first daily vloggers I ever subscribed to - I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 years! 4 years! – and the only ones I have ever met. They are the people who made me addicted to YouTube daily vloggers and have turned me from being a TV person to a complete YouTube convert.

They are an inspiration to me. They aren't the perfect family, nor do they claim to be, but they are a real and genuine loving family who care about others. I can only hope that one day I can share the same love that the two of them share so openly.

I would love them to meet my dogs but as they are back on the farm in Yorkshire, that would not even remotely be a possibility so I had planned on showing them a picture of my two little ones: Holly and Tilly. Of course, in the moment I completely forgot about it! Having given my phone to Francessca to take photos - thank you so much Francesca! - it just flew out of my mind. But here they are! I don't know how Anna gets all the dogs to look at the camera. I just have 2 and I rarely, rarely get a good photo of even one of them. She must be magic!

When I got there, I arrived at a different entrance to the one last year so I was a little worried that I would take forever finding it again but luckily it was much better signposted this time. In fact, the whole event was extremely well organised and supervised; the volunteers had a fantastic work ethic and knew exactly what they were meant to do, when and where.

The queue had already begun forming so I decided to look around the stalls and take some pictures and videos. Have I mentioned I vlogged the day yet? Click here to see the vlog! They had a lot of cute little stalls and some tasty ones: a waffle van, BBQ, photobooth, dog treats, vegetable boxes and even a kids corner with been bags, books and stickers. Plus free temporary tattoos! Funny story: my dad saw mine and thought it was real; he got so mad! While I was just sat there laughing, he kept demanding to see it!

The one thing I love about the RSPCA Big Walkies is how well the dogs are taken care of. The volunteers all seem to really love dogs and have a pure passion for them. They have photographers and videographers going around and interacting with them. Thoughtfully they have dog baths to clean the mud off their paws after the walk, which I saw them change the water out at least twice, plus much needed water bowls dotted all over the place.

Joining the queue meant the start of a very long wait. Luckily, about a quarter of the wait in, I started talking to Eden and her mother and 2 girls, Wallis and Kate (I think! Sorry if not!) who were all really nice. I never worry about going to events alone because I always manage to make friends at them anyway. Like a couple of weeks ago at the Kate and Tyler concert and I met 2 girls. (Post going live next Monday!)

After an almost 3 hour wait, we were finally getting close. We got to pick our cute Maltese toy dogs. Last time I saw my niece, Bop, I filmed a mini toddler tag and asked her what her favourite colour was. "White!" ...helpful child. Instead I picked MY favourite colour which is purple and got Sina: the original girl!

I suddenly got really nervous as I was next in the queue and I started talking really fast and getting out of breath. That was just the start of the downhill spiral...

Jonathan and Anna were once again so sweet. After talking constantly and meeting new people for over 4 hours, they were clearly taking their time with everyone and not at all rushing them. If I was tired and losing my voice, I'm sure they were completely dead.

As I went in to give Jonathan a hug, we clashed arms as we were both obviously used to going over the top. Fail. I quickly corrected myself haha and then Anna gave me a hug. They were both really nice and said it's nice to meet you. Of course, I just had to say, 'Actually we met here last year too!'. So Jonathan went on to ask how my year had been to which I replied honestly, 'It's been mixed.'

'Our's too.'

I felt so bad. Why did I even mention my year, it had been nothing in the grand scheme of things...nothing compared to theirs. Quick move on! Photo time!

After taking a group shot on my phone, I asked for one on my camera as well. The quality difference is incredible compared to the phone but unfortunately, not many people can take a picture on it without a) taking forever of b) getting a blurry shot. It turned out blurry as hell btw, so I'm glad I got it on the phone first.

Midway between shots, Anna said she loved my boots. Of course I was busy smiling so it didn't even register until after I got my phone back. Much later I was like 'Oh thank you! They're UGGs. I got them two Christmas' ago and I love them. They are so comfy and I literally live in them.' I must have sounded so rehearsed but that was the third time someone had said it that day! Haha!

Then I asked them if they would record a quick message for my friend. Not many of my friends watch daily vloggers. I have one close friend who does but she's currently in Liverpool taking exams so I asked them to say good luck. Jonathan, in his usual high energy self, grabbed my camera. Anyone who knows me, knows how incredibly paranoid I am about my camera; everyone has to where the wrist strap, which is why I'm laughing at myself so hard right now! I dread to imagine the look on my face as Jonathan grabbed the camera off of me and scratched at the screen to get it to flip-forward. It doesn't have a flip screen so I that wasn't going to work aha! I think he got the message after a few tries. Then he took over vlogging!

I was planning on just recording him talking but he is a complete professional and a natural. From the high angle to the outstretched arm to the perfectly frame shot...I can't do it which is why I use my phone when forward facing! Fingers crossed for a flip screen camera for my 20th. It's on my wishlistr which, side note: the best website for anyone wanting to get specific things for gifts but also want a surprise. Once you create a list, anyone with the link can see your list and then reserve items so you don't get duplicates. If you are logged into your account you can't even see who and which items are reserved! The perfect wishlist. If you want to create a list, click here!

Jonathan, also asked which exams we were taking. He predicted GCSEs or A-Levels to which I corrected him to university exams. I've become so used to it now that I've been ID'd for a 14, that I started the whole 'I guess it will be a good thing that I look younger in another few years...' schpiel but I think I must have made him feel bad because it was obviously just because a lot of his viewers were younger and he told me it was just because so many people at the meet and greets had been telling him those were the ones they were doing.

Then we got talking about which degree I was doing. In the past, I loved talking about Medicine because it's something I love so passionately but as soon as 'how long' comes up, I freeze. I hate saying second year because I'm in first year so I have to talk about the whole resit. Anyway he was so sweet, just telling me to look on the positive side.

We started talking about Anna's allergies and all the pollen in the air. Jonathan joked that I could come sort them out when I graduate. I realise now I must have confused him when I told him my length of my degree because I included the FY1 and 2 years which made it sound super long...but even though I'll be earning (if I ever reach that stage), I'll still not be a 'proper doctor' which is why I always do include it.

I thought it was the toy dogs that were making me itchy but it turned out there was some sort of massive tree releasing clumps of pollen. I felt so sorry for Anna; living in fields for the past two weekends and now having to cope with that. I don't suffer with hayfever and I was getting very itchy and tickly. As it turns out, Francesca's boyfriend is also studying Medicine, or maybe he has already graduated, but the look she gave me was one of sheer sympathy! Clearly, she too knows how hard it is aha. Why did I do this to myself?!

Writing it down, I thought I said nothing and just mumbled but we actually spoke A LOT! No wonder they were trying to get me out of there! I thought I was in for mere seconds!

I'm so glad I waited because it was defintely worth the wait! It was a complete and utter pleasure to meet them again. I kind of missed the dogs being there because they are so incredibly gorgeous but obviously the event has gotten a lot bigger than last year and it's hard to keep 6 dogs happy. I wonder at what age they will start bringing the kids along with them, if ever...?

I'm sure Anna and Jonathan won't ever read this, but if they do: thank you to you both for taking your time with each and every person, for not rushing anyone and for appreciating us! I'm really sorry if I took so long and confused you both. I know I rambled about loads of random topics but the things I actually wanted to say, I didn't. Isn't that always how it goes?! To Jonathan, I think the idea of putting in the time stamps on the videos would be so interesting! To Anna, congratulations on 1million subscribers! Honestly, I'm shocked you haven't reached it sooner because, believe it or not, that was the channel I subscribed to first! Thank you again.

A final massive thank you to the RSPCA for putting on another incredible event! Hopefully, I'll be back next year too! I already can't wait :)

Click here to watch my vlog of the day, including clips of Jonathan and Anna, and see how this gorgeous sunset came to be from a train!

Or watch it right from here! :)


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