Christmas Decor 2022

This year, I really wanted to decorate for Christmas early and despite everyone telling me no, I did it anyway and then everyone else seemed to decorate early too so I love it! It's my first year in this house, and really my first proper seasonal celebration too, which is exciting. I didn't want to spend too much extra on decorations, because let's face it, this year is already quite an expensive year, but I couldn't help myself from purchase a few little extra bits. 

I knew exactly where I wanted to put the Christmas tree as soon as I bought the house. I have had my exercise bike in this little corner but I've moved it into the garage for the next month or so. I do plan on it being there permanently, but as the moment, the garage is far from the accessible workout area I had planned. I bought this tree from ASDA a couple of years ago and I love it because it's prelit and had snow tipped stems, as well as acorns on, which makes it look fuller without me having to do much additional work. I did however buy these light up presents as an extra this year. I've wanted them for years and I thought they were so cute next to the tree. I also got the tree skirt and I love that it covers the tree bottom a little, as well as matching my pre-existing decor. 

I have used this garland for years on my staircase, but this year I thought it would look perfect on the fireplace mantle and I love it there! Again, I purchased a small extra item in this little light up house set. I was umming and ahhing between getting little individual porcelain houses, but I thought this was a perfect affordable compromise. 
The rest of the house, is just some little bits purchased over the years. From the little doe and babe deers, homemade tree garland, angel decor and reindeer antlers. 
I have a couple of door hangings with a quote Christmas tree from a little gift box company that no longer exists and a this christmas sign. 
In the kitchen I decided to focus all my red decor. I had a spare santa hat that I love about my oven. I popped my handmade reindeer in front of the drinks station and my mum bought be an advent calendar which is in front. I then have a mini Christmas tree and other signs from my first year at uni ever, back in 2014. I didn't have space for a big tree, but of course I wanted a little something. 
My bedroom I kept pretty simple but wanted a little something so of course, I popped on my Christmas bedding and the green looks surprisingly festive next to it. I felt it needed a little extra something so I added a green and gold candle on my chest of drawers and then found some great paper decorations for less than £10, so I purchased these and put a couple of trees there too. I think it looks so sweet, especially next to the fold heart. I also ended up adding the Santa hat to the dining room table to make a little bit of a centre piece which I think looks great too. 
Finally, the spare bedroom has some tinsel, a "Hohoho" log and 3 little gnomes in of course, the colour scheme. I loved when I bought these gnomes a couple of years ago, I just think they are so sweet. It makes me so happy to see them here. The tinsel on the other hand, looks very sad and will likely be getting replaced next year. 
I have also got a wreath on the front door and some lights at the front, but I completely forgot to take a picture! What piece is your favourite? I have to say, I'm in love with my light up presents and possibly the cheapest piece, the little paper Christmas trees in my master bedroom.