Midwifery Fellowship Journey and Presentation

Last month marker the end of my 8 month fellowship in Early Career Leadership. It was a great learning opportunity experience, and gave me a much deeper understanding of all the background workings within the National Health Service which makes making changes unfortunately difficult. It culminated in a presentation based on our individual improvement projects, of which mine was based on skin integrity and ultimately ended up being focussed on completion compliance of a skin damage assessment. 

Whilst my own project wasn't hugely successful, it was inspiring to hear some of the other presentations from other members in the cohort. It was 2 of the simpler projects which made the most clinical difference and therefore, really shows that small changes can make all the difference. One was about creating accessible packs in A+E and the individual developed a clear list of items needed to be included, plus an area to keep them restocked. Another focussed on hydration and nutrition, by including a nutrition snack trolley accessible to patients on her ward and an extra meal time of a "Complan" (nutritious milkshake) as an evening snack. 

If you get the opportunity to do an extra, all expenses included course, within your own work environment, I would 100% recommend it. It's such a great way to gain deeper skills and knowledge, plus gives you an indication on where you may find further passions.