Decision Making (UKCAT Tips)

I have done a couple of posts related to the UKCAT previously but I wanted to share some tips and techniques for each of the five individual sections. You can read those posts here where I shared my favourite books and here for information about the test, process, application and what to expect.

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For this section you have 31 minutes to do 29 questions. Unfortunately, this is a new section this year and I know very little about it! Likewise, neither do many other people so at the moment we can only talk about the type of questions that may come up and some examples provided through official sources.

I will hopefully be able to update this post when I know more but if you want to share your own information and feedback in the comments below, please do!
Types of Questions
    1. Venn Diagrams: 
        a) Text to Venn: given the information, select which of 4 venns fit 
              i. Do all the answer options add up to the correct quantity
              ii. Work through the bullet pointed information provided
        b) Not mentioned: used the information, draw your own to work out the answer
        c) Euler: use your own knowledge to pick the right venn for real life categories 
              i. Eliminate answers that do not have the right number of circles i.e. groups
              ii. Write the information into groups
              iii. Eliminate answers that don't have the right relationships 
        d) Venn to Text: using the venn given, choose the correct statement
        e) Non-circular: made of non-circles 
    2. Probability
    3. Logical: simple maths algebra
    4. Syllogisms
    5. Interpretation: graphs and tables
    6. Assumptions