Must Have Books (Medic Series)

Throughout the application process for medicine I think it's important to do your research and prepare. You need to research the courses and what you need from each and then prepare. Preparation is absolutely key to success and I can not stress that enough! You can use the internet of course, and it's the easiest place to get everything you need and the all important information about universities. Having said this, I always go back to a good old book. A physical copy of written down information. I like to highlight key points, bookmark pages I want to return to and write notes. 

As previously mentioned, I used 2 key books to prepare for the admissions tests. You can read the full post here but the names of the books were 'How to Master the UKCAT' and 'Get into Medical School: 400 BMAT Practice Questions'

My favourite book though was definitely 'Medical School Interviews: A Practical Guide To Help You Get That Place At Medical School'. As the title says, it's literally a guide to medicine interviews and I loved it! It has over 150 questions, shows and good and bad answer and explains what you should include. I wouldn't say to write answers for the questions in advance but it's nice to be able to know what can come up and the key points you should cover. Basically, end every question on a positive to you and how it will help for a career in medicine. Also, ask your tutor to do an interview with you to practice. Mine gave me two practice ones and then the college I attended organised for doctors to come in and do mock ins with everyone. Also, I did a course at Leeds university about it, if I remember the name, I'll let you know.

For the general process it may sound stupid but I loved 'Get Into UK Medical School For Dummies'. It literally covered everything from start to finish so put the whole process into perspective. It also had more questions for the UKCAT and BMAT. 

I thoroughly recommend first hand all of these books. I definitely think that they helped me get into medical school and have a very successful application process. 

A quick tip: Don't be afraid to get the earlier additions which are way cheaper. It's rare that anything has changed but if they have it's minute.