My Fresher Fortnight - Part 2 (Medic Series)

I feel the Scavenger Hunt deserves a post all to itself. Right in the middle of Fresher Fortnight, the longest event falls on the middle Sunday each year.

I didn't do it the first year because I think there was an F1 race on but I also just needed a day to recover! This year I did do it and sure did my body know about it!

It was a really good way to meet people and see the majority of things in the city, if you hadn't already so it was a really good Fresher event. I happened to be in a group with some of the most competitive boys so they insisted on getting every item ticked off the list and walking almost everywhere! It was a nightmare and I have blisters all over my feet. I definitely did not pick the right shoes!

So while I did get in some pretty images of London...

...we also had a mission to complete.

I've made a video of all our funny clips and embarrassing challenges we did!

We somehow managed to loose the condom clips and the serrious interview but it's still a good laugh :)


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