ASDA George Haul!

I always wear the same dresses over and over again and I feel like everyone's seen all my favourites now. I have a couple of events coming up so I was looking for some evening outfits for them and went for the easiest and cheapest option: ASDA George.

In the end I didn't end up getting the dresses I thought because hen I tried them on they didn't fit right but I'm happy with the purchases I kept.

I'm not usually a fan of jumpsuits so I was a little hesitant. I think on skinny people they look great but on fatter people it makes you look even bigger. On top of the fact, when going to the toilet you have to take the whole thing off! This one has like double material that is loose over the tummy area so is more flattering than usual; the back has a half zip and button at the tops so you can take it off yourself! I love this!

It's a cute little cami that fits great. It is a little see-through but I'm using this as a gym top so it's perfect!

An evening top for those colder nights out. It covers the tops of my thighs and is so free it is so comfy! Perfect and lightweight for dancing :) 
I'm not sure I love the pattern but I love the fitting of this top. I think it will be really cute in spring/summer as it's pastel colours.

I was also looking for clinical tops so high neckline and sleeves above the elbow but hopefully semi-attractive looking. This top is so pretty on and it has the looped hemline so it covers the bum area. 
The halls provided me with my own sheets but they're a little scratchy and they don't have any poppers or buttons on the bottom so the duvet keeps coming out which is so annoying. I think these sheets are so cute and go perfectly with my room!

Let me know what you think of these new pieces!