Awaiting Results (Medic Series)

So once the application is sent off, interviews have been conducted and offers offered, regardless of whether you receive an offer, your goal HAS to be the same regardless. From around April onwards just concentrate on your subjects and exam results.

Don't get down if you didn't receive offers because if you're serious about medicine, you can take a gap year and reapply. If you have the results needed and spend a year getting work experience, volunteering or even travelling (you can say you want to see the differences in the healthcare systems), once you have those results, it's a massive plus.

If you did get the offer, don't become complacent. You still need the grades to get in. No course in medicine will offer you an unconditional offer regardless of how amazing an applicant you are. if you can't show your academic ability in the results, you won't get in. The offer will be made on the basis that you get the predicted required grades.

The most stressful part is waiting for the results once you've done the exams. I remember being quietly confident I'd got the grades I needed but still worried. Then the week leading up to results, I somehow managed to talk myself out of getting them. I started looking at other courses I could go and talking to people who I knew were doing those courses. The day before the results, I was serious about applying for Midwifery via clearing...

  • Try to stay confident!
  • Try to be positive!
  • Be realistic - if you didn't answer half a paper and need an A* start looking for other options.

But most of all...GOOD LUCK!

Remember, no matter what your results, it's not the end of the world and there are other options, like access to medicine courses for a year first. On the day, try to celebrate anyway as you only get these results once in a lifetime.
Havana Geek Night to celebrate :)