My Fresher Fortnight - Part 1 (Medic Series)

As I've now completed two Fresher Fortnight's, I feel I have an unusual perspective on the whole event. The first year I did most of the RUMS events as well as the UCLU events. This year I did a few of the RUMS I hadn't previously done, had a new view on some events and got a chance to have the experience of a fresher all over again. I feel like I've now almost done all the events.

I may be a little biased but I think the RUMS events are all amazing and for what you get, pretty cheap and affordable! Over the last 3 years, the events have stayed almost identical with a few small alterations.

Here is a rundown of the RUMS events as well as the select few UCLU events I've been to :)

Boat Party - Monday 
You all meet in the UCL quad a take a tube ride to the River. It's such a great way to meet everyone and make initial introductions!
Plus, the views of London are amazing! You end up all the serious landmarks and travelling in London with no traffic is the best!

I've literally stayed friends with all the people that I met on the very first day of my medical student life. The Boat party was my favourite event. It was the chilled and calm event where no one got wasted but it was still super fun. The boat had 2 bars and a DJ disco inside the cabin.

RUMS Fayre - Tuesday
The perfect way to get to grips with all the RUMS (Medic's only) societies, sign up for all the newsletters, choose your extra-curriculum activities and get lots of medic only freebies, like BMA memberships and books.

The first year I found it really useful, signed up for everything and then just unsubscribed when I got the first emails to all but Spectrum and Tennis. It was nice to meet the older year's and hear about some advice.

This year, as I'm on the Spectrum Committee, I went to help set up and then ran our little booth. We were all so proud of how it turned out. It was actually really cool in the end. Khushpoo and Yasmin ended up making little paper children to advertise. I didn't realise how passionate I was about the charity, until I had to tell everyone what it was all about it. I'm being so honest when I say I love it!

Pub Crawl - Tuesday
I haven't taken part in the Pub Crawl on either of my year's here. It's not just a Pub Crawl but also a complete nightmare of a punishment. Here you are, on your second day and instead of being congratulated on becoming a medic you get beaten, bruised and made to do things that would gross anyone.

The first year I went home with Zhangi after the RUMS Fayre but this year, I decided to go with the Year 2's. I didn't do anything to the Fresher's apart from ask them if they were okay. of course they weren't! I did have to be friends with them after all...although I don't think I'm the type of person to do that anyway.
These were the bruises they got after being tied up all night. Oh...did I mention it's a three-legged pub crawl with boy-girl partnerships? No? Oh...well it is. 
Forced to eat catfood, covered in vaseline, sprayed in paint and eggs thrown at them were just some of the welcome presents :')

Sports Trials/Night - Wednesday
As with all universities, our afternoon is a Wednesday. This is time devoted to a Sports so definitely use it for that purpose. It's good to be active and especially being in central London, I find it really nice to go into the suburbs and get some relatively fresh air. I have been part of RUMS tennis for a year now and I love it!
The first sports night of the year is always crazy because everyone goes and gets wasted! I've been to 3 sport's nights in my life and they're just not for me. I will say it's a great way to meet new people and get advice from older years.

Fuck Me It's Freshers - Thursday

Fancy Dress Party - Friday
My first year was a cartoon themed and this year it was cave people. It's good value for money because you get 3 free drinks, both soft and alcoholic are included. For 4 hours, I thought that was enough. It's in the Huntley so it's a chilled area and you can actually talk to people. It's definitely a good way to meet people.

Cave girl and Devil
UCL Fresher Fayre - Saturday/Sunday
Probably the craziest fayre you will ever go to. I remember going first thing on a Saturday last time and it being packed. Being a little claustrophobic I literally run around the entire place to get out as quick as I can.

I can just about manage on the tube because I know how long it will be. The fayre moves so slowly it takes a 1 minute walk about 10 minutes. I start to get so hot and flustered.

This year I went on Sunday and even though the queue was so much smaller, inside was just as packed and it was a warmer day so even hotter! I don't know how the stall owners manage it. I'm so glad Spectrum only does the RUMS Fayre.

They always have this in the quad seemingly!

To end the evening I washed my hair to de-stress and sprayed my favourite Body Shop, orange/citrus mix room spray :)

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!